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At ETERNAL BLISS I serve only one purpose, and that is to entertain MYSELF by my musings! Your entertainment is the by-product of my entertainment. And its creation is the small matter of long periods of boredom punctuated by moments of abject laziness. So there are certain rules which I want to put on the table before you proceed:

Rule 1.) ETERNAL BLISS is not for the faint of heart or for weaker stomachs, so proceed at your own risk.
Rule 2.) If you have any problem regarding the stuff I write please feel free NOT TO BUG ME! If you still persist - come and have a debate with me. I would love to trash you for questioning my basic freedom of speech.
Rule 3.) Since everybody has started blogging now, I am just losing my interest in musing about IT. But I wont mind writing for you, if you can floor me with your sheer persistence and COMPLIMENTS!

So today we have have reached YAAR DOST INTERNATIONAL - the room of RASPUTEEN.
Let's enter the room as a girl and enjoy all the flirtation that will surely bewitch you.

Girl Enters...

RASPUTEEN: Hello is it me you looking for?

GIRL (li'l bemused): May be, intrigue me enough for me to realize that.

RASPUTEEN (needs li'l coaxing): You are a treat to my sore eyes. You are my heroine. Tread softly... My love... I have spread my dreams under your feet.


RASPUTEEN (now so worried that his magic isn't working switches to intense urdu poetry):
khoob pehchaan loo israr hoon main
jinse ulfat ka tulabgar hoon main
ishq hi ishq hai duniya meri
fitna-e-aqqal say baizaar hoon main.

Ek lupakta hua shola hoon main
Ek chulty hui TALWAAR hoon main
Meri baaton mein masee-hai hai
Aur log kehtey hain beemar (MISS UPTIGHT) hoon main.

Next girl enters

RASPUTEEN goes: Tujhey laagay na nujariya... Odh lay chunariya... Tirchhi nigaheein teri... Mujh pay giraayeein ray bijuriyaaa bijuriyaaaaaa.

First girl is SHOCKED

RASPUTEEN WINKS: Jub bhi koi ladki dekhoon, mera dil deewana bole ole ole ole --- oley oley oley.

This is YAAR DOST International - where girls come with bated breaths and go away with stars in their eyes. The room throbs with electrifying intensity, even as it encompasses all the arenas of chat entertainment. But one man who is the Rasputeen of our dear IT, has taken the rocket science of flirtation to new heights. He flirts, he recites, he takes girls to the heights of flattery - all with great ease and above all within limits. Who says flirting can't be healthy? He is a true specimen of giving a new name to the game of flirtation -- that is -- subtlety in flirtation. That was the ADORABLE (only God knows by whom) - the RASPUTEEN of IT.

The room which was the domain of RIA and AAMIR and BEDAZZLED is now the playground for us all. We laugh, we tease, we enjoy, we flirt (ahem ahem!) here. We sometimes even import people from other rooms as well who come to flirt here religiously. We have the great ASHB1 here to have our SANITY RESTORED. Then we have CATWOMAN to bug some 4UNVAU with her claws. And we have JELLY here to soothe with her serenity. We have got AANAND to provide 'anand' and we also have BEDAZZLED to dazzle our souls with her bewitching poetry. We also have a WANDERER who comes back after some intervals. We have got sweet TANVI to scream about boredom and the cute GOONDIIIIIDOC to delete any kind of sanity prevailing. We get some mist by MISTY and we get goofed by GOOFY. Then we have got FAIRY who comes in the disguise of 'rasmalai' and goes away as CHAMAKCHALLOO. We have TANZ whose breathing space I'm after so I keep her under blankets. AAMIRR and RIA AND DEEWANAUSA the most sane features of the room - always maintaining the equillibrium between sanity and insanity. Then TICKS who ticks in different disguises everyday. NAVS and RITU and ISHCREAM and AXLS_BABE are the sweeter delights. Then we have got MURC(MURCIALAGO) who lurks and QAII and DIL-E-NAADAAN - who is there to pinpoint the naadaniyan then v have SAPNA who is 2 sweet 2 erase all the nightmares.
And last but not the least ME ----- SEBIA ----- THE MISS UPTIGHT with a sword (I give you people an opportunity to describe as to what I am and who I am in the comments section but .......... they have to be good otherwise the comments will be deleted) ;-)

Hmmm anyone left? (curse my memory if i have left anybody)
P.S i wuld like 2 mention VIRUS here cuz he is trying 2 b so sweet 2 me since sm days in order 2 get enughfootage so virus here is a full line fr u(happyyyyyyyy)?.thnx fr helping me with the song .
Time for this girl to move out of the room... dhain dhain chik chik... And suddenly... another... nubile nymphet enters.

And I can almost hear... KAANTAAAA LAGAAAAAAA HI LAGAAAAAAAAAAA... playing now!

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