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Back From The Ashes

Hi all,
First of all,thanx for all the concern.I am back now,good or bad thing i dont know first it was a forced hiatus,2 keep my sanity intact a short breather away from chatsville and blogsdom.
then my bro had an accident, thank GOD hes much better now though looking like some sea pirate directly emerged frm PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN with an ugly black scar marring his good looks(so called)and his legs in casts.
It was a v difficult time but i have learnt 1 thing from all this diificult phase i-e
life is 2 short and unpredictable no matter how much we plan for 2mmorrow we just cant write our own destiny.all our actions and there reactions are written up there .
OK OK im nt blabbering some emotional melodrama here simply sharing a thought anyways i am back 2 play havoc with the senses of people who hate my presence (see even the cats have 9 lives )and will restore the blog stardom with my blissful presence(00ps i can smell something burning;).
It feels good 2 b bak ,and rejuvinated as well thanx 2 all of u once again who missed me and cha cha to those who didnt(oops ppl gonna slash and trash me now with the accusation of basking in self glory)
uffoo atleast i am allowed for 2-3 days ,pamper me till then ,like we pamper the BAKRA before slaughtering it(winks):0)

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