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WHAT Are the things,u seek in a person, when you ask him or her for a date?

Name 3 of them.

IF u are allowed to take one person of your choice from INDIATIMES CHAT who that person would be and why?

Give 3 reasons?

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HOLLOW EYES(things i couldnt answer)

There are times when even if you want, so desperately, you still can't look in the eyes of the other person,....... and answer, what those eyes are seeking.

SCENE 1:---
Orphanage lawn...... some parents are are here to buy a kid to quench there desire for parenthood. yes BUY as if these kids are some vegetables auctioning in vegetable market -- those displayed properly and vibrantly will automatically gain attention.
hii anil:--
what are you doing here?
why don't you go and play with other kids?
they are enjoying themselves and having a ball. Plus some parents are also there, you never know one of them might take you out of here zoom zoom------- to the other land.
can't you see...... i am dark and ugly :!!!! and people BUY only cute and beautiful kids to give them happiness.
FOR once I couldn't look back in his eyes which were burning with silent suffering and intense pain.

scene 2:-----
Some college students were here in the orphanage..... They brought balloons, candies and clowns for the little kids, showering them with love and presents. After that they left, promising the kids that they will visit them every day without realizing that how these kids will yearn for them, and how these false promises can play havoc in those kids' lives.
yes fatimaa...?
when will they come back to visit us? (she asked this question for the 10th time)
well fatima they are busy people, with their studies and life, they will come again when they have time.
why is that, those who leave never come back, and miss those who wait for them?
And I couldn't answer this qustion as well. It is so true that in life when we move on we have little inclination to look back or visit those who are left behind.

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