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To know a woman,it takes a know a guy..just a FLIRTATIOUS smile:)

Ok folks. Now its time for a lil peep in to that so-called muscle obsessed, lion hearts from outside. And chicken soup of the soul specie. Called MAN from inside. I fail to understand all the hues n cries about that how and what an elephanteus task to understand the fragile specie. Which I find it vice versa. It is so easy to understand and mould woman. All u need is just little amount of warmth... (Even if its fake. they tend to take the TRUE LIES…right to the heart where the switch lies...

As far as im concerned. I heard a word .HORRIBLE, for guys. In my childhood. Therefore, my fanciful mind created an image of DRACULA. who always haunt the pretty damsel ,sink his fangs in her neck, sucks out all the life and then slips out of her grasp leaving her to die a slow death....(grr ok ok a pretty gory picture painted by me).(LET ME STICK TO THIS THEORY..UNTIL PROVED Otherwise..
So there are some mantras and laws. Same as I gave to guys to understand girls
So here comes some SEBIAS LAWS to ensure the insanity of u ppl: 0

Sebias understand macho specie......

1,There are 3 kinds of guys..yup 3
3,flirts…no other type the dictionary...

2,Flirtation..runs in the body,like blood..A guy will love a woman, thn will love another woman, and then another…all with equal passion n devotion…

3, Flirting with your best friend, is considered to be the basic human birth right. given to them by powers above.nuthin u will do can stop it. so learn to savour..This bittergourd.bite.with caramel sauceJ

4,cricket,cricket and cricket. If u smhow ménage to land in GOBI dessert ,with broken heels..and Tsunami..on your trail(hehe..Tsunami in Gobi) and India is playing...embrace tsunami with dignity...cuz no knight gonna cm to save the damsalJ

5, Ever heard ab0ut BOYS AND THERE TOYS? u might b forgiven for messing with his mother…but 1 scratch at his beloved car…and learn to..Attain a place in the the solitary confinement with Alaskan chills enveloping u in cold comfort...

6,If u were thinking ,,that he was listening 2 u with full concentration..About your chronicles in the shopping land. Get ready for rude awakening. He might b exercising some new ways to sleep with eyes open….

7, Men are like mascara. They run at the first side of tears. So refrain. Or u will b crying alone...
8.He might,not b giving attention 2 u from past some days..But another person in the scene, even for a polite conversation. and damn..He will be chipkoofied with u like a fevicol...

9, Mystry intrigues, little distance thrills, self esteem...tringss…so even if u dying 2 be a true specimen of...JAB TAK REHAY GAA SAMOSAY MAIN AALOO...CHIPKEE REHAY GEE TUJH SAY YEH way...hold ur cards. In addition, bask in some glory...

10,All guys consider themselves as KINGS OF THERE OWN DOMAINS, Ever heard about big men, petty egos. So holding a remote control (and harassing u with totally stewpid...foot ball games) and then the steering wheel of the car...etc etc...Never try messing with these…basic rights of his.

ok FOLKS. in my drive to write short trying to b concise fr a change.Let not be my gibberish and musings become longuer for u ppl 2 digest..
special thnx to miss symphony..For lending me, some wise thoughts ab0ut this post. In addition, another bouncer to adorable. For suggesting the title... (I begged him to help me a lil with the post..but he was basking 2 much in his own glory….sigh..MEN AND THERE BIMBETTS..(they tend to forget there buddies..while flirting with all n sundry...:(

I am going away for a small vacation. miss me all of HELL:P..and tanoo and ado..keep this blog alive..and pls comment like crazy..So that whenever I visit my shrine. I grin a lil..And pls not in SHOUTBOX but in here...i cannot get the hang of that thing..which tanvi insists to have it as it enhances the look of the blog...


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HaPpPpPiEeEeE BiRdAyYyYyYy

Okay .. so hello there everyone:p..this is not Sebia. It’s tanvi and I am pretty sure you guys would have guessed that by now cuz the grammar is not all wrong like sebia:p. Anyways so don’t worry..I didn’t hack in to her account or anything. I have the password..yep yep I got special rights. Alright so moving on…some of you probably know it’s our little sebia’s birthday today. WOOPIE hehee..everyone please sing a little birthday song right now. So I’m not writing on my blog because well it’s pretty inactive since a while and noone really goes there. And like me, Sebia loves attention so I thought this post needed some attention and posting it on my blog would be a total bummer because well noone really goes there anymore. And plus, I don’t really know a lot of bloggers that sebia might and trust me guys she wants all the wishes from everyone.

So yea.. I had so many things to say when I started writing this but now I am just blank. Argh maybe this is the reason my blog is so inactive. :p ok enough about me let’s move on to our main subject for the day – Sebia. I met her like uh more than a year ago and trust me we weren’t close to being how close we are today. It was just some hi’s and hello’s and how r you’s. Somehow ( I really don’t remember how) we got closer and now she’s like a sister I never had. She knows every single thing about me and maybe knows me better than I do myself. She’s an angel really…find me one person who doesn’t like her and I’ll give you candy. Everyone just adores her, she’s full of all the good stuff. There’s poetry stuff which I never really understand, and then her lectures. :p And then there are those thought provoking posts about the topics I could never think of, let alone all the stuff that she writes in there. So bottom line, she’s just smart:p. But you all know that so I don’t really know why I am writing all this. I just love her so much that I cant stop talking about all the good stuff about the woman. She’s a HUGE part of my life…and I mean HUGE…she’s been there with me through it all. There’s not a lot of people that I consider really great friends online. She’s one of the very very very few people here who hasn’t made me change my opinion about her. I can go to her at the middle of the night and no matter how sleepy she is..she would stay up for me and listen to my bullshit. And trust me, when I get going I don’t stop for a while. And this has happened…there’s been times when she just sat there for hours listening to me and even if I’m not talking she won’t leave me. Now that I think is really hard to find in a place like this. I realized that every single person here is fake (no offence to anyone) , but again Sebia is one of the very very very few people who hasn’t made me think that. I still think everything is fake but in her I see a real person. She’s not some random person behind the screen typing away…I know she is real and she is a real and an amazing friend and a person. I know all of you agree with me on that one. Trust me, I can keep going on and on about the stuff that we’ve been through together. But that’s too much of our shit and it will take too long. And trust me, I really don’t wanna tell you all everything:p.

I’m not going to make this post any longer because well words can’t describe how much I love her. So whatever I say, it’s not gonna be close to what I really feel about her. So I’ll shut up and let’s move on to the good stuff. I couldn’t do much sebz so I thought about writing something for you. Then I thought my blog’s dead since months that’s one of the reasons I suddenly decided to change your template. I know we used to talk about it ages ago, and the other randomly I decided to change it and asked for the password cuz I knew you changed it. Hehee.. I’m so smart no? :p so well I thought what the heck..I cant do much.. might as well write some nice things about the person I love so much. I know I can’t write all the poetic stuff that you did for me. Lol..and plus I’m too lazy for that. So here’s wishing you an awesome birthday and an even better year ahead. You deserve all the nice things that this stupid world has to offer. And hopefully, this year would be a better one than the last one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEBIA and I hope you have the awesomest day. Look.. I want you to have such an awesome day that I’m making words up.:p Okay..i’ll shut up now..HAPPIE BIRTHDAY AMMA=) MUAH!:p


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Girls girls girls..uff yeh ladkiyaan:)

Post is for all of u male specie out there, nuthing special, just feel like being sweet to all of u out there 2 help u understand the specie called woman...shrouded in mystic haze...

Here are some meanings and laws which u should consult whenever u can’t understand the twisted double meaning stuff uttered by mysterious TWISTER called woman...

Heres sm help fr u of luck:)..

1, U enter in a room, with so many girls...and there r giggles giggles and sm more giggles...U check ur head if u have grown any horns…no u haven’t...RELAX...u have been discovered.

2,U,have become the centre of the attention in the party,girls girls girls around u,but 1 special girl,chilling u all the way to Alaska,and u are feeling so frost bitten…CONTRATULATIONS..U have been noticed.

3, The girl whom u were trying 2 impress all this while, will never return the attention.

4, The girl whom u were avoiding ever since, will always popup at the oddest of situations and places...

5,the crush of ur life will always accompanied by her bro,papa,,and doggy Tommy..

6, The best-looking girl will always be unavailable with the worst looking boi..

7, Asking about the well-being of your girlfriend’s best friend, is as if putting Ur fingers in the electric socket get ready for sm electrifying salsa..

8, Your mom or Ur girlfriend….U ARE SCREWED MAN…
9, Monster in law (mother in law) coming over…book ur room in near lunatic asylum...u will shortly b visiting...wutever u will do wont fall on her H.S.P(her standards of perfection).

10, She claims. I HAVE GOT HEADACHE…damn..wht did u do?smthing u ,ur mom,any of ur family member,ur friend..anything figuring U is the reason..

Ok guess enough for 2day...otherwise everybody will curse me for writing larger thn life posts


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