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I was writing a post supposedly
hilarious one,but than I got sick,and fever always bring out the somber stoic in me ,the 1 who is glum and abstract,and I somehow cant stop myself from drowning in to the abysmal of meaningless depression,I don't like this state,when real life looks like a reel life.People,noises,screams voices,scenarios,everything moves in slow motion,I see everything but somehow it doesn't registered thing is merged in 2 one.rediculing the sense and sensibilities expression,passion,motivation,justification,sensation and cognition everything jumbles up and result is I AM LOST IN MAZE,IN SILVER HAZE:0).
H ere are some extracts from these mood swings,where SANITY IS CLICHED AND SENSIBILITY IS BEWITCHED which even are incognito 2 me after getting out of the somber state.

Dreams r but the manifestations of our unfulfilled desires
...Lucky r the eyes
who can dream and live life,
which we r NT blessed 2live
Soul is entangled,in the cobweb of agony
let the eyes dream the symphony .

The enlightenment comes in a form of threat
enhanced by the fear,
encouraged by the painful existence,
satiated by the DEATH
ETERNAL NIRVANA is achieved.


colors hiding lot of secrets,,,
lots of mystery,,,
the black shadows under the eyes,
the luminous pain,
the grayness of the soul..
all hidden behind
the glossy exuberance of red lipstick..
only a woman can cognize the connection
..Its lethal
..Misty eyes and curvaceous lips
painted with red,
agony warped and hidden .


Words are what,
a way for an expression,
or some twisted passion,
words are only catharsis
let them flow .
don't Let the child die in the womb
unheard and unlistened:0)


By standing on the gates,
u are losing ur soul in waste,
soul mirrors NT locked
.Its u who is lost,
why u are carving death from life,
u are still alive,
and hope always survives.
amongst the shrieks of silence,
love always thrives.


Rays of sunshine,
casting a spell,
with just enough strength to cherish,
not to sap,
open your eyes
to the rapture of happiness
life is dancing,
a dance so beautiful,
its just the shadows
muckering paining in the head,
all are there 2 grasp,
let your self go
float with the intensity,
in the serenity which rhymes
and ecstasy which blinds.

I know they all were some abstract figments from my feverish brains..dnt worry will come back soon to play havoc with some funny post about my fellow bloggers soon:0)till than join the CONFUCIUS ...AND KILL THE MOSQUITOES WITH CANON BALLS.

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Marriage is wonderful, it’s so great to find that one special person, whom you want to annoy for the rest of your life .
In my childhood I heard a word HORRIBLE. Used for the specie called husband.So my fanciful mind created an image of DRACULA. who always haunt the pretty damsel (wife),sink his fangs in her neck, sucks out all the life and then slips out of her grasp leaving her 2 die a slow death....(grr ok ok a pretty gory picture painted by me).
Than came teen age and I became a victim of rosy MILLS AND BOONstuff..and the image of DRACULA turned in 2 a KNIGHT IN THE SHINING ARMOR,a tall dark and handsome guy fighting for the golden damsel against all odds; rescuing the fragile 1 from all the dungeons and dragons,and then they lived happily ever after..A picture of FAIRYTOPIA where love always reigned and star always shined.
That stage also passed a curse of knowledge and maturity embarked on me, I realized that there’s no fairy godmother..Who sprinkles the golden dust of happiness from her tinker ball, nor there are any draculas lurking around.There is more 2 this instituton than wearing chiffon saris, and dancing around the trees under the thundering rains. Where u are so close to the other person that u can even count his breath(in some cases even get choked by them)yet so far away that u don’t even know what is running through his mind.
The institution of marriage always intrigued me like all other girls...and unfortunately I am at a stage where 1 is reminded of it every second of her existence...even while sleeping the presence of a future djinn lurks somewhere in the nightmares. When after every proposal mothers believe that this was the last, after that male specie going to b wiped out all 2gether from mother earth. If by any fluke of a luck u r a girl...and much 2 the disgust of the COFFEE PARTY AUNTIES(yeah the same specie... painted red lips and hawk like eyes...whose only purpose in life. is to poke their foundation oozing big noses in 2 others affairs).

IF U r still not married and as some curse u hav to go to a party u will face the toughest of the ordeals. Everywhere u will go. Your back will burn by the laser eyed stares, drilling holes in there..then there will b 2 kind of ladies there 1 the mothers of the PROSPECTIVE GUYS they will remind u of HYENAS,,,ALL SET TO KILL..they will judge u with hawk like stares..And with their noses up in the airs will feel as if u r some crawling insect from the lowest dumps of the earth......and then there will b mothers of suitable girls with pasted smiles and drooling eyes..Vying their best to get the attentions of those hawks and vixens....presenting there raggedy anns as sm looks like a scene from some MEDIEVAL DRAMA but trust me its not..its a true account of what happens now a days in parties.
I am not against the practice of arranged marriages; marriages with the consent of both the parties are the best way 2 tie the holy knot. Parents I believe...with there immense amount of insight , experience and love for there kids are good judges 2 guide the kids in making a good decision for there lives.
Nor im some FEMINIST chanting against male specie..But still the practice of GIRL WATCHING(no it’s not related 2 BIRD WATCHING) give creeps, im definitely not atrocious enough2 welcome all that mumbo-jumbo of people practicing the voodoo.
That day some people were coming 2 SEE my friend.(.yeah as v go to sabzi mandii 2 buy aaloo gobhi and bhindi..or circus 2 see the clown).I went there 2give her some MORAL SUPPORT..yeah trust me its necessary 2 endure that agonizing farce.Anyways she was all dressed up and looking really beautiful..Her mother asked her 2 bring the teatrolly....there in a room around 4 guests were sitting, 1 guy..Who was comfortably numb, larger then life aunty(sorry cuz she wasn’t coming in 2 my focus because of her form)a girl who was bz calculating the material value of the girl and her family..and an uncle bz ogling at the pastries.So started the debacle(interview).they grilled and drilled her from all angles, I felt as if she was some soccer ball being attacked from all places, and everybody was trying his/her best 2 kick. with all the might. and then for the penalty kick they asked her 2 SING.....yeah sing.....I wanted 2 hit the roof and crash it on there bug heads..goshhhh it was beyond my patience. They went away, after gobbling all the food, and enacting that b rated masala flick and send there answer after some days that sorry they didn’t like the girl cuz she isn’t fair enough...though the guy was reminding me of andheri raat kaa bujhta diya
For all of u guys whoever is reading this blog,its a simple request. there r so many ways 2 see a girl, if u r going for arranged marriage,u can see her in park or in mall or anywhere else and even if its necessary 2 see the girl in her house just for once imagine ur sister in those shoes, its humiliating and disgusting, and above all its so painful for the girl passing through the torture every second day. I really believe that there should be laws 2 ensure the protection of girl subjected to this horror of presenting herself as a chicken hanging in the slaughter house the way they ask her 2 stand up,sit down swirl around,and most disgusting is SING FOR US.I am not enacting any emotional melodrama here but next time when any of u guys go,in order 2 buy himself self a bride in this disgusting order,just stop for a moment 2 think that what must be passing through her mind,what pain and torture u are inflicting on her,and how her ego is being massacred by you and your family.Respect woman because she is not inferior to you but she is there to complete u.She is ur other half the better half .

..Husband and Wife must be souls like twin flames illuminating all about them. It is not a question of equality between them but of identity.. .

She is language; he is thought
She is prudence; he is law
He is reason; she is sense
She is duty; he is right
He is author; she is work
He is patience; she is peace
He is will; she is wish
He is pity; she is gift
He is song; she is note
She is fuel; he is fire
She is glory; he is sun
She is motion; he is wind
He is owner; she is wealth
He is battle; she is might
He is lamp; she is light
He is day; she is night
He is justice; she is pity
He is channel; she is river
She is beauty; he is strength
She is body; he is soul .

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