Eternal Bliss



I always find this word,and the emotion behind this word so intriguing,that just chanting this word ,can cast a strange kinda spell,a euphoria..i always try 2 define love in various ways i know its no rocket science 2 understand love but its charisma lies in its mystic appeal,it can b so sweet and simple as the innocence of the rosebud,just bloomed ,and showered with dewdrops,and it can b as rustic and hauntening as ancient ruins,,it can bloom the flowers and it can turn the rose garden 2morgue..a dream lined with silver mist and a road paved with stiffled cries..Love which can give so much of happiness at 1 time that people similarize it with an intoxication,a high beyond the expression of words,,on the other hand same people curse love as the rustic knife killing cutting shredding ones soul frm the deep within,at 1 time its silver crystal,shining with sparkle and at 1 time its a painful wound ,raw with pain oozing blood casting the agony beyond suffering..
I wanna know what love is:--
a way for an expression
effulgence in twisted passion..
it weaves a serenity which rhymes
or pain which blinds...
Its a vista craved with pains
agony transmitting through veins
harsh tears falling like rains
solace lost in restrains
wishes shrouded in haze
cravings lost in maze,,
a yearning for sunshine
in the moonless night,
every thing at its height
all emotions entwined 2gether
in this phase..
Love is strange,
but stranger are its ways:)
Whats more meaningful and blissful,loving somebody or being loved by someone.
Not finding your love at all,or love going sour after passing through all the pains to find ones love.
Love needS close proximity 2 nurture,or distance makes the heart go wander or warmer..
To lose somebody whom u love,or not experience this emotion at all.
Can all of u people out there reading this define love for me?
i have so many definations for love ,all jumbled and confused,but being a thorough romantic at heart i think love is
when he or she calls your name and u skip a heart beat...
when his /her voice can soothe ur heart
when he can play NEED FOR SPEED(play station2) with u
when u can watch shah rukh khan movies with him(even david dhawan will do)
when even if u bang his new car he still bring flowers for u
when he reads ur blog even if he hates to read my case he needs to comment as well.
and when he/she chants all those words like baby,darling,honey...u dont feel like throwing him down from the 89th floor.
when he can think u look beautiful in the red dress,though u r puttingall elephants out there 2 shame..
when he can hold ur tears in his palm..
when u can wake him up in the middle of the night to have a walk..
when u want 2 ruffle his/her perfectly groomed hair w/t him/her throwing a fit(cuz i may likely 2 throw 1...if such offence to my hair happens) .
When he can boil maggi noodles fr u at 2am in the morning while u rest in peace
in my case when he can clean my room after i emerge frm there (as my mom beleives actual tsunami cms in our house..whn sebia leaves fr sm party:(((
when he doesnt sleep while u are discussing the love life of pooja and dooja.


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