Eternal Bliss



Once upon a time there used 2 live a lil fishie in the sea, she

had a house, a v beautiful one so many siblings and a life so calm and

tranquil.She didnt know the meanings of pain, destiny ,despair, gloom, in her

cocoon of blissfull happiness she used 2 live, breath the tranquil serenity of

happiness around her.BUT lil did she knew tht every bubble has to burst 1

day ,after every day a night cms and with every happiness sorrow lurks at

the back ground.
1 day whn she came bak home after playing and hopping

around she saw---a disaster so acute --she felt a pain which pierced her

whole body -----a sight which would torment her whole being for the days 2

cm ---a vision which will haunt her fr the rest of her life----her mother ws

lying there drenched in blood all wounded and scarred trying 2 cover the

sibling who ws no more who already crossed the bridge from this existance 2

another.disaster finally struck.bubble finally bursted,serenity finally turned in

2 curse.

Fishie wanted 2 scream 2 cry in anguish but culdnt, no screams were cming

out of her lil mouth.Fishie just went close 2 her mother held her wounded self

and tried 2 soothe her pain with the gentle touch.

Days passed bye fishie lost touch with the time she and the mother fishie just

stayed close trying 2 heal each other.

1 day the small fishie got lost and landed in 2 open waters of the sea,the

world soo huge fr her small vision, .She swam and swam and she culd feel

her eyes opening up, her horizon broadening ,she ws so spell bound by the

miracles around she culdnt stop moving and hit the shark str8.

Oh my ,she got soo scared ,looked at the shark pleadingly ----,shark ws in a

very peaceful mood tht day, plus there ws this look of vulnerability abt the

fishie which appealed the shark,shark looked at the lil thing and offered her

the peace a frienship and love which he never offered 2 anybdy bfre.fishie

got so excited and started looking up at shark as an icon of strength.

days started 2 pass bye -----fishie started 2 shed her melancholic shackles,

which were imprisoning her soul ,SHE started 2 smile again and laugh again

and she used 2 swim in open waters, now with much more ease cuz she ws

blessed with the sharkys blessing whom she started 2 look as the big bro a

person w/t any faults so many other fishies used 2 tell lil fishie abt the sins

but she ws utterly biased ,prejudiced never listened 2 anybody.

1 day she went near the shores while swimming and met this allegatorr,

again she ws so scared,cuz her biggest curse ws her vulnerability and her

fears.The allegator looked at her and again mayb he ws intrigued by the

vulnerability s well he gave the fishie the prescious present of a

friendship.fishie ws soo happy bathing in happiness---all the WISE creatures

of the sea used 2 tell her tht she is playing with fire these dangerous

creatures can never b friends 2 anybody but fishie ws really engrossed in her

so called bubble of splendour--
THN one day-----she came 2 know abt the hatred--the ugly animosity

between 2 v dear friends between 2 of the ppl whom she used 2 put in

utmost respect.she tried 2 talk 2 thm abt it but both of thm just ask her 2 stay

out so she decided nt 2 intervene.

BUT 1 day ---fishie ws laughing and chirping ----thn suddenly a thunder ----

followed by the signals whre both of her friends screaming fr each others life.

In utmost horror fishie tried 2 cm in between she went to the shark

NO-NO pls dont indulge dont kill the other---

she went 2 the allegator wailing screaming fr a constrain --he also refused --

fishihie ws getting soo scared cuz she passed through the pain of suffering

and disaster once she never wanted to see its ugly face again.

Other fishes and creatures started 2 gather there to enjoy the clash of the

titans ,nobody ws bothered tht who will die or who will suffer ,they were only

here fr a good show.fishies heart ws breaking in 2 two she wailed and wailed

running frm 1 to another they didnt listen.they were 2 engrossed to prove there metal.

wise creatures were feeling sorry fr fishie and the other fishes were laughing

and enjoying her plight---.

One last look at the battle scene where both of thm were sharpening there

weapons fishie left .

she ws swimming ,swimming w/t the knowledge just running away frm

pain and sarcastic laughter of others ---she thn hit by the sharpest of spine----
which tore her whole tiny body ---the cool green water ws coloured with red

blood oozing out of her tiny body...she tried 2 rise above but culdnt, the

thorns just pierced her already wrenching heart,she looked above .imagined

all the happy times the sweetness offered by friends----her lips parted fr a

last smile ---the smile 2 welcm the ugly face of DEATH,for whom she ws

always so scared of,only tht give her final solace.engulfed the fishie in 2 its

infinite serenity.fishie closed her lahes and went in 2 peaceful slumber.

Those 2 fought and fought and fought ,but as they both were soo strong

nothing happened 2 anybody..they both were so glorified .basking in there

own glory nobdy realized tht fishie ws amisss----

so many days gone bye once and twice they thought abt her but thn there

were soo many battles to fight ,so many medals 2 win they forgt all abt her.



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