Eternal Bliss



God created Adam for
his amusement, then HE
created EVE, for ADAMS
amusement, after that HE
HIMSELF was totally bemused,
by the catastrophe which

Men........ the shallowest species of both, the black and white canvas
which is like a clean slate no matter how much u try 2 paint exotic colours on it, 1 err and the slate is clean. U can look in 2 his eyes thinking tht he is emotionally connected with u, together ur hearts r beating and singing the same symphony, but oh poor female get out of ur cocoon of sheltered make belief. MEN r genetically impaired of such deep connections as smbdy put it.

anyway here's a take on how 2 cook ur man w/t spoiling the broth.
the do's and dont's where MEN r concerned. read and enjoy and bless or blast me laters.

1 - Mascara
Men r like mascara. they usually run at the first sign of emotion.
But i also know tht whn GOD ws making woman he forgot 2 put anything else other thn GLUE. So we r much more chipkoos 2 satiate our emotional needs,...... give him his breathing space, that's damn important for him or v soon u will b sitting in empty space biting ur nails off.

It may b the best medicine for your fragile health but it can act as poison for his fragile heart as well.
If u are blessed with a giggle so shrill which resembles the dentist's drill, take a pill and work on it till, it resembles the nightingales prill.

3 - Guys are quite particular about personal hygeine (yours not his) so
bless him and urself by indulging in 2 the ritual of daily showers (not dry cleaning).

4 - Men r such show offs u will always be a prized commodity for him, so what if he looks like SOMU PEHELWAAN ur looks should always be in sync with SHARON STONE.
Learn 2 use ur beauty as a weapon and make him dance 2 ur tunes.

5 - Nail biting, scratching, burping, farting, bad breath, chipped nail polish etc etc all these r highly unlady like repulsive gestures refrain ---- or soon u will be without a man.

Men are like cocks, who believe
that sun had risen, 2 hear them crow.
Have u girls heard abt BIG MEN PETTY EGOS -- so always believe in massaging his ego not in the massacre of it if u ever wanna go places with him.

7 - I know women by birth come with a genetic manufacturing fault, that is we can't keep stuff inside our stomach whether its happiness or sadness. but trust me having one's love life splashed on the advertising boards on times square isn't a v bemusing factor for males.

8 - MEN r like government bonds they take 2 long 2 mature.
u shuld b the 1 to elevate yourself so what if he oggles at other girls u also
oggle at other guys (but with ur secrecy intact) or u will soon b goggled out.

9 -
icon obsession,

men r never so keen abt star obsessions which v girls love 2 indulge in, even if he wuld digest 1 or 2 posters of SHAH RUKH KHAN but srks posters, books, magazines, interviews, his love life etc etc will give him enough indigestion 2 last fr a long time.

10 - After 12 hours of grilling office duty the poor mortal may not be able 2 appreciate ur interest in wht POOJA DID TO DOOJA or where HARRY met SALLY. so no need 2 crucify him for not giving extra attention 2 such crucial matters of ur life.

11 - men r like weather nothing can b done 2 change them.
so try not to mess with the default programming. learn 2 love him and nurture him the way he is even the worst kind must have some points 2 wrk on, trust me.

12 - Men hate greediness, so while looking at the skies learn 2 appreciate the stars dont ask for the MOON.

13 - Asking for a commitment in the middle of sm sweet flowing lovely emotions will definitely bonk his head off, learn 2 excercise patience. when he will b ready trust me, he will run faster than u 2 the altar.
Anyway as i'm no expert in all these MAN syndromes these were just some mere observations made by my demon 2 haunt u guys with my intellectual blabber. Just wanna tell u guys that

The holy rivers of relationships are stagnant with unwept tears
........unsighed sighs......and unsaid words. relationships are not sm rocket science 2 b understood as technical quotients they need lots of insight and patience. 1 has 2 stoop 2 conquer
smbdy asked his views about love and relationships and he answered
You were born together,and together u shall be forevermore.
you shall be together when white wings of death scatter ur days.
aye, u shall b together even in the silent memory of GOD
but let there be spaces in your togetherness,
and let the winds of heaven dance between you.
love one another but make not a bond of love
let it be rather a moving sea between the shores of your soul.
fill each others cup but drink not from 1 cup
give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
sing and dance together be joyous,but let each one of u be alone,
even as the strings of lute are alone, though they quiver with the
same music.
give ur hearts, but not in 2 each others keeping
for only the hand of life can contain your hearts.
and stand together, yet not 2 near together
for the pillars of temple stands apart
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each others shadow.

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