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The idea is originally stolen from creepys blog

Anyways guys this is just a humerous take on all IT-ZENS and there favourite lines if u like it smile and chill and if u dont like it u guys r just NOT welcm 2 slash me.NO offence meant in this post just sheer humor and this is how IT WALLAHS will react in random order.
footlooseslinger-----will i get sm daaruu on the other side?

aamirr----kubhi main bhaiyaa lugtaa hooon---kubhi main flirt kerta hoon---too joo chahiee sumjheyy --muger main teri bhabhi say bohet piyaar kurta hoon.

baap-of-indiatimes---GOD yeh din bhi dekhnaa thaa ---tht my dotty flirting with all kinda species.

cynosure.--------------will judge the wall frm all angles-----will try 2 grab the wall------cm on grly thts the way----grab the life frm its horns.(thn realize tht it has no horns-----will go 2 sleep immediately under the shade.

vance-----hmm-- let me put my spammer on---my abuses will definately melt this wall---till thn i take a quick nap-----(and he snored endlessly).

desiii------koi jaayey too layy aayeyy--pritiko lay ayeyy----meri laakh duwaain paayey.

priti-----sexy sexy sexy mujhay loog boolein--hi hulo mujhay kia kia bolein.(grr paapii kahin kay--wanna smash there headsters.)

keshi-----oo wall imm hot---im single---and i like all things SNAZZY in life.

snazzz----- ru wearing a chiffonn sareee////?

kashmiran----and just whn i was abt 2 lose hope in life-----bradpitt divorced jennyy-----muah muah bradyy --main aaaa rehi hooooonnnnnnn.

fairy---------muah muah muah muah--------smooches the wall --again and again--------(and the wall wont b able to take such HOT muahs and will melt)

tanz------------in the morning i marroofy line on all girls-----in the afternoon---i kill all the buggers----------inevening i play-------KIYOONKI SAAS BHI KUBHI BAHU THEE---------dear wall(sebia spking)she is the only person of IT Who is friends 2 all oblivious of there gender and nicks---a most loveable person-------hmm enugh now sebia will throw blanky on tanz(after all she is a treasure 2 hide.
hobo-zzzz--or still---------a polite hulo 2 wall----im a polite soul who will even curse in a politest manner---and 1 of few ppl who bring there brains on chat.

murcialago---hi wall--im a desi version of the fastest brand----- who eat chutni with roti---instead of salsas with fajitas.
love guy fr all------whts ur telephone no wall?will immediately bring her nokia out and start calling all the grls he know 2 flaunt infront of the wall.

richierich------wall wall walll--------rich in my heartcraving to reach swear on valetine's preachwill get you loadza smiles without a breach!!

dove----im as sweet as sugar.

r0z--------gives the wall a big hug.(and phooroofy her forehead while doing so)

icy.princesss-------sebia(thinking the wall as 1)muah day day naa smooches it endlesslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

preeyaaaa-----------Hiya anyone out there to take momma on date hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm am sure you all looking in ur wallets but momma is simple so get dozen roses a big marble-cake , bottle of champayne ..hmmm ok chalaga bottle vodka bhi..or somosas .

un-lucky-charm-------hii meet mee im the most philosophical guy in the utter butter nonsense of INDIATIMES.

eternalbuddy---------------can smbdy teach me the 10 commandments of flirtations?

pranav-1982---hai apna dil toh awara --na janey kis kis kis or kis pay ayegaa-------hey wall r u a grl(will flirt outrageusly with her)i want 2 leave no stone unturned in the art of flirtation .

excalibur-------im new 1 around-----but im above the calibre of normal earthlings.

anand--------will retires to the corner immediately.

megha-----will start thinking ways 2 use the wall as her excersise machine and improve her abe muscles.

goondiii doc-----------------------tuuuuuu kounnnnnnnnlayyyyyyyyy dayyyyyyyyyy mayyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaa muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh day naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa day dayyyyyy-sebiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii daiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oiiiiiiiiiii maaaaa tuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


4u2nvau------sexy sexy sexy---mujhay saari lurkiyaan boolain----muah day day mujh koo maarein----main ek anaar ---or meray sou beemar main kia kurron raam.

cheeku-milkshake-----------------will throw a kuddo frst as a shock treatment----------thn will slaughter it in cahoots 1 by 1. (as awe) (the wall)

natashaaaa------------playing poollllll u wanna play?and throws the ball directly on the wall.(serves u just riht huh walll)
pari----------pariiiii hoon main-----

pari432----------will consider the wall as a mirror---will do her makeup-----and thn ask ----- meray itnay hunsmikh honay kaa raaz kiya hai?
navita.......ghutiya kammenii walll-----dont try 2 flirt with my(non existant WOH).

jolly--------im a joly good fellow----im sweet and melloww-------im a gujju fellowwwwwwwww.
cocaine-tongue-----will immediately try 2 give a muah 2 the wall(soorry wall i cant resist a temptation 2 muah any female).
riya-007--------will bring
her slaughter machine out-------grrrr grrrrr --alienates all the body organs of the abuser-------b careful 2 mess with abond- grl again.

bindassohni----------aayeyy too sahih secret admirer-----chutnii buna doon giii---sohni boley toooh bindaas.

feathered mask---------more rum plssss-----aaj rupet jayey too humain naa uthayeeooo.

sapna-------------kubhi main sapnaa dekhty hoon ---kubhi main jogan dekhty hoon --kubhi main khushboo bun ker aaty hoon.

dewdrop-------will immediately open her laptop and write a blog about it.

hittii-------will kik the wall and thn smooch it immediately-------or start counting the bricks thinking thm as all the crushes-------heres 1 more-----ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL.

CLASSY---------BEEEE THE TALL WALL SIGNAL THE PUN WINDFALLL---------this wall shows us the reall meaning of life and trust me its only the pun which makes the wrld go around pun whisch is beyond the comprehension of humble earthling(and just thn sahtpatali dropped frm the wall).

BEESTAR------dear wall----hmmm can i put my clothes which i washed yesterday with surf excel on u 2 dry-----till thn i finish my uttapam.hmmmm------life is bliss----(wht is shatpat ali doing here).

dibert------bonk bonk bonk ----till u honk----i wanna b a monk-----symphoo u listening?acknowledge me damn otherwise im gonna b 1.
(warp me to the lands of love (where theres no creepy--sharky--ado--and all ur admirers).

tonybk-------im drunked and im above these lowly mortals----im sleeping----------wake me up only if sm hot babe arrives

lone-shark------------ssss--yy--mphoooo ttt uu mmm eri kkk ajalll haiii------dear wall can u help me get my symphoo--- and crushing adoo----duh meri rah ka sub say bura kaantaa hai woh------symph main aaaa gayaaaaaaaa

symphony--------------meray piyar kaa rung zera chuknaaa oo mukhnaaaa------aayeeeoooo----main ek--meray aashiq anaik---khan jaoon kia khaoon....

raghu-us----------yowall--hiyaaa--my girlfriend tell me tht im fat-duh----me old man me no fat re--u r fat and ugly yowall yo yo--(and the ugly fat wall took its revenge by crashing on him).

abhi-purohit------i cm on IT 2 sleep---it sings lullabies fr me.

angelina--------will try 2 find the eyes on the wall and plucks all the eyelashes

alex--------wht r u saying can u translate it in english?

polson----------im 2 good fr the history of mankind---meet me im poisonous polson.

mark-vic---------he will ask ASL frm the wall----thn yahoo id---thn fone no----thn asks the wall 2 chat in pvt--------will squint his eyes 2 see if sebia is around------will start shhoting cannons towards her ------and just whn she is abt 2 slash the mosquitoo-------virus will cm and transport the mosquito away 2 safe lands.(askinf fr nepotism)

diffy---------will treat the wall as a mirror------sujnaa hai mujhay sujnaaa kay liyeyyyyy--------(will pout his lips)i washed my self with lux oriental gel and thn applied elizbeth arden cream and thn paint my mout with rimmel pink shade matt lipstick---and u r still saying NO 2 me---------ooiii maaa-- it hurts re TDM (THE MAN OF MY DREAMS).

tall darkman------wall im a v sought after guy(stalked by both grls and boys)(and a certified lunatic also)priti ,keshi,neha,sohni,megha anddd obviously sebia(i hope im nt missing any grl)will u go out with me-------hush diffy boy stay awayyyy frm strictly str8.

nyzliestpunjabi-----zebia ztop being a HABAB MAIN KUDDII----GO GRL GET ME A CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE WITH lots of icing.

tanvi------im sweet---im 16----and im bored--------cm zillie boy lets sing abba dubba gubbaaaaaaaaa(and 2gether they sang the most horrid symphony--------and the wall tumbled down cuz of the blast).

ash b 1------hmmm--will look at the wall in stoic silence------sebia---this wall reminds me of myself----faced so many melanchollies in life ------so much of volcanoes ready 2 tarnish but its still there all erect all frozen in its utmost sublime ego.(and sebia wont b able 2 understand 1 wrd will simply shake her head dumb

virus-----will examine the wall-------aah if only u were made up of 1000 pipers other thn thes e bricks--------huhhhhh-----------ok wall meet me im the most eligible bachelorof IT-----and as perfection needs no improvement soo i also dont need any------(seb i will give u 10 cinnabon brat----go ahead find a a bhabhi fr U-

creepingking---------will creep on top of the wall-----bring his graffitti pen out---will write a most hilarious blog abt the wall. pun pun on the wall.

bhaluu---------will look at the wall in silence-------will try to undersatnd the basis of its existance--------will put the wall under investigation---------will think alot abt it with full concenteration-----------if the poor wall dont stumble after all this treatment--- will offer a frndship soo genuine and soo pure.

words-smith---------its only wrds and wrds r all i have 2 take ur heart away-------REPENZEL.(will try all his best to drill a hole in a wall by his words)

adorable------will flirt with the wall outrageously-------after wearing a deep pink shirt---will try 2 putaoo the wall with his husky voice------khoob pehchaan loo israr hoon mainjinse ulfat ka tulabgar hoon mainishq hi ishq hai duniya meri fitna-e-aqqal say baizaar hoon main.

sebia----------grrrrrrrrr yeh deewarr kahan say aayeee---------uffoooo ab kia kuroon will bring her sword out ---slash everybdy who will try 2 flirt with her. (behind the wall)

ok guys it ws just a humerous pun on all ITWALLAHS if i missed anybdy remind me i will edit

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