Eternal Bliss



Kaisi ajeeb..
Shaam hai..
Khamosh ankhoon wali ladki
bhaithi hai..
sunehri naoo main ...
Aur chahar soo phailee
shab- e- tunhayee hai....
goongi behri iss duniya main...
kuch goonjatee..
kuch jamid..
siskiyoon ki shehnayee hai..
Mudhem mudhem..
dheeray dheeray..
jalty rait per...
thandi chandni...
aaj phir kiyoon
khalee haath ayee hai....
burfeeli huwaoon main
baikal baikal ...
phidty hai....
tupta chand or thanda sooraj...
zindagee kis mode per
lay aayee hai...
Zerd mousam..
baikal baichainee,
ankhoon main wehshat..
udd gayee titlee..
beh gayee khushboo...
bahar apnay saath dekhoo
yeh kaisee khizaan churaa layee hai...
Charaghoon say sajayaa..
baam o dar koo
ayanoon say kia roshen
dil ka khali gharondaa
fir bhi itni tareeki,itna sanaata
yeh chandni say pehlay
amawas kiyoon dar ayee hai....
Kitni sadiyoon ki veeraanii..
Kaisii bainaam kahani
khamoshi kay dusht main
mandlaty see bulbul..
usko dekha toh..
aaj apni aankhoon main bhi baisabab
namee see uttar ayee hai....

After a long time ,i wanted to write something in urdu,though i cant grasp all the intricacies of this language,nor my expression is good enough 2 pay full justice to the context or content..but still for a change i wanted to express in this medium..i love reading urdu poetry,so its only natural that i try my hand on it..Sorry to the readers who cant understand urdu..i am translating it in 2 english ..though it wont be able to fall on the standards of rhyme and meter and stuff..and more in to an abstract form...

Burning moonlight...frozen sun:---

The crimson evening is casting
ambiguous shadows
a girl with silent eyes...
sitting in the golden boat..
enveloped in the mist of lonely night
In the muted world..
some shrieking ..
some silent sobs
creating a symphony...
Moon light wading ..
slowly ,silently

on burning sand..
is back again..
with empty hands..

She walks in cold breeze..
embedded with restlessness
transmitting through her veins...
gazing at the
burning moonlight and cold sun...
why fate brought her to this plane ?...
crimson shadows..
hollow pain..
fregruence evaporating..
cuckoo flying away...
autumn stole the spring again...

She lit her house ,
with scented candles..
ornamented the walls
with mirrors..
still such haunting darkness
and muted silence.....
all things went invain....
Hollow void of centuries...
nameless fantasies..
wounded bird
dances in silent haze..
i couldnt restrain my eyes
from misting with pain.......

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