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OK...time 2 twitch our facial muscles a lil need 2 act all oomph poomph while reading this totally bizzarre,madness intensified, post. Atleast.s-m-i-l-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…if u feel like… will increase Ur face value if nothing else.

Here we go…There is this friend of mine, who believes that only reason for my creation, in the universe, is 2entertain her. GOD bestowed the TERROR (in form of me) on mankind. So that she can do some facial excercize ,by chuckling . SO everyday, I have 2 come up with some new jokes 2 entertain the madam oomph aka Tanvi.

Today’s bizzre, drama was about the list of things which she can put in and around my grave...

No no I am not thinking of playing a 3equal ,2 MUMMY RETURNS…or SCARY MOVIE 12 OR 3 here .Nor I am thinking of my self as some female version of PHAROAH. ANAX-A planning 4 a mummification, 2 play havoc with the sensitive nerves of ppl who will heave the sighs of relief when I will b gone…grrr watch out...there SIGHS can even bring another HURRICANE…..
..Ok as usual with my habit for constant drifting away from my supposedly post…let me jump back .


1, First of all,I have got 2 spoiled brats,tanvi and zillie ,they want there LIFE SIZE photos 2 haunt me, in there, as they are so possessive about me they wont even let me indulge in 2 any kind of flirtatious spree even in the gravE... (unfrtunately these 2 are my fav my soul is tied up 2 comply with there whims and wishes).:0

2, CD PLAYER with the dil goess mmmmmmmmmm…on constant repeat tttt, cuz she(tanvi) will definitely b there all the time, thinking of my grave s sm picnic resort. Or Italian circus popped up for her entertainment purpose:0 only .So after crying her heart out she will b needing sm music 2 entertain her…and thn zillie will come as well and perform BHANGRA on this song(cuz entertaining tanvi is his responsibility s well...:0

3, Now some cds of totally bizarre music, like ishq kammena, kumbukht ishq, BLAH BLAH and even some African tribe dance mumbo jumbo cuz, the other residents of graveyard need 2 b entertained, s well…hence all kinda muzik is required for our HALLOWEEN IN HAWAI.....

4, Most important, my PC, can I stay away from my holy shrine=BLOG for long...i will b having so many,audience there….lucky me.with or w/t there will.i will recite all my blog fr thm day and night,on and on and on………….. I can always terrorize the angels to read and COMMENT on my blog...and I can even alter my charge sheet while they will b engrossed in reading...HOW NOT 2 LOSE UR WOMAN IN 10 DAYS......

5, W e can have a boxing ring, built specially 2 cater the needs of bloggers, desi and hip hop gora shtyle, a match of KABBADI between ANONYMOUSES and desi bloggers…and some high class UNDERTAKER SHTYLE punch o mania between not so desi bloggers and ANONYMOUSES…after all I have 2 think abt all (mayb I was MOTHER TERESSA in my past life).

6, SOME NASTY WEAPONS....oh yeah yeah...dont get worried, not fr u shweet ppl out there, but fr my favourite enemies...(some wrath s a punishment fr my past life sins, popped from hell, the class fellows of Dracula.)They will definitely cm 2 play homage 2my shrine, So2 combat thm, some strings of galic pods, 2 shu thm AWAYYY, or I can always choke thm with the string if nothing else.

7, My love arrow,,yeah as I am the OFFECIAL CUPID for all my friends,so who knows who might take my fancy in the morgue, or graveyard, so for good ole matchmaking ,I will b needing my cupid arrows,,…ONCE A CUPID..ALWAYS A CUPID.

8, A pop corn machine...yeah...i just cant live without these flaky,butter oozing blast o butter popcorns,my accomplice in any kinda enjoyment,and while having a TETE A TETE with angels,I will b needing something badly 2 munch on 2 ,2 keep myself frm going berserk. And what if 1 of the questioning angels resembles PIERCE BROSNON…???????S a reward for my some good karma while UP there………………………………MY O MY… (MY IMAGINATION CAN REALLY GO WILD AT TIMES).

8,My PLAY STATION 2…and sm cotton buds for the poor dead lying there 2 ensure there sanity….cuz i am a NEED FR SPEED freak,and the constant zoom,thud and bang dang of cars can cause some sort of mayhem in the peaceful serenity of cemetery.

9,Last but not the least. MY SWORD….how can I b seen w/t my famous sword its going to be bad for my image..naaaaaaa., ONCE A WARRIOR...ALWAYS A WARRIOR(even inside the grave)it will hang on my grave like….SWORD OF DAMOCLES…so tht even there if somebody try 2 tress pass the lakshman rekha of 5 feet distance. Or try 2 flirt with my mummy. Or even try indulging in 2 anykinda indecent activity….it will fall down from the skies above 2 chop them like GAAJER MOOLII (CARROT, CABBAGE AND REDDISH…

Loll…ok guys I don’t know what Ur reaction was after reading this post. except for thinking of me as sm AUTISTIC running lose:0i surely enjoyed indulging in 2 sm bizarre madness.. so if any time u guys develop sm kind of stomach illness, reading this madness feel free not to puke or vomit here…grrrrrrr
.. Tanvi….shorry...dont mind Fr the pun fun…u know I love u grly.and u r a v special friend.

Last but not the least guys…don’t panic I haven’t changed my BLOG TEMPLATE for good, only for this post 2 match the mood, after that I will change in 2 something cheerful, this template also giving me chillSSSSSSSS

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