Eternal Bliss



Behind the veil of silver shadows.
a solitary figure,
sat there with frozen tears,
and hazy numbness,
he was the man,
embedded with effulgence,
and muted passion,
she ws the woman with pain
and hollow reason.
the glass coffin and the mirrored grave ,
denoted the quixotic indulgence..
they wanted to fly,
but the wings were tattered
and the flame ws turning in 2 ashes.
she opened her arms ,
and ws lost in muted ice.
he tried to fill up her senses
walked passed through her,
the souls culdnt entwine,
the spirits culdnt join..
the vaccuum between life and death
ws too big 2 surpass...

I wrote these lines on DEVILES blog as a comment but found thm so beautiful so posting thm here....
oops..srry once again a post abt grave;((...i dontknow why lately im so fixated by graves and deaths blah blah...guess my time is cming near:)

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