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Wow...somebody hacked my blog and erased the last post:((((and s usual the beautiful me..i didnt save the copy...damn damn damn:((((
but all jokes aside why he/she hated UNCLE NARCISSIST so much that he erased only him?thts beyond me..i wrote something and now its nt there along with an email from blogspot people ...i fail 2 understand why ?
i am feeling so sick now..
as per WARPED friend..whom im torturing for my loss...
Sebia:---i feel like screaming and commiting a perfect murder:(((((whoever done this may his soul rest in hell till eternity:(((((((
Berty:-----juss kill sum folks na...u mite just get who u wanna kill in the bargain
random chaos theory
Sebia:---yeah rite v funny...remember im depressed:((and why anybody got so tortured by uncle narcississt is beyond me
BERTY:--Did u save it?
Sebia:---well umm the beautiful me..i didnt save it:((((((((((
Berty;----just track him down,,and do the arty..this is known as passion...u did ask fr sm1 who can swear by your blog;) do the antonym for narcissus.....
Sebia:----But why the hell anybody would like to commit such a grave crime against humanity and me:(((?
Berty:----mebbe he/she sending u a msg there that: u better not start writing serious...write about the extrovert next na mebbe he likes it n sends some accolades ur way..
Sebia:---i have gt this this and this problem...and im gonna definately do smthing seriously gross now..
Berty:--me was clueless when i first met u...and me still clueless re..
Sebia:---yeah right i have gt great tendency to drivee everybody nuts:((and thanx fr being a great friend..with friends like u who needs ANONYMOUSES 2 make ur virtual life a living HELL:(
Berty:---Sebz u know 1 thing...u dont drive ppl 2 insanity they just drive themselves there...they think its a better deal to stay insane than to grapple wid ya.its a good thing lady diana no more wid us
even she'd get a complex wid ur kinda problems...u knw sebs
u can only blame gawd he got u delivered to the wrong time..and the wrong place

This ws my conversation with a friend who was trying 2 cheer me up,after all the mess,i fail 2 understand who can derive pleasure out of bugging ppl?and if whoever did this,1 q 2 u?if u are soo tortured by my abstract yup gup tup..why dont u simply stop reading them?...

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