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I am usually not the person 2 put copy,paste stuff on my blog .but smtimes u cm across such funny stuff ,that u like 2 share them with others ,just 2 bring sm more chuckles around...... read on and enjoy......u guys can also add on

A reader of the Relationship Coach Newsletter wrote in last week with the following question.What do you do when you've done a lot of work, and attracted a lovely person and now you're terrified you're going to blow it? Or, terrified it's going to end.In response, below is a list of top ten ways to blow it in a relationship right from the start.

1. Assume the person is your soul mate immediately upon meeting or shortly thereafter. Look for signs that faith has brought you together and be amazed by the correlations in your lives.

2, Forget about your life, your friends, your self care. When you have a soul mate, why would you need a life outside of the relationship?

3,Reveal everything, and test your partner with your worst behavior. Let it all hang out. After all, if he or she is truly your soul mate, he or she will love you no matter what..

4,Have sex right away. If you are meant to be together for a lifetime, might as well get started on the fun part right away.

5. Ignore anything about your partner that does not mesh with your values, lifestyle, belief system. True love can conquer such insignificant differences.

6. Do lots of drama together. Job, family, life crisis are a great way to establish a relationship and test if you are meant to be together.

7,Spend as much time together as possible. When it's true love, you can't bear to let your partner out of your sight.

8. Ignore behavior that crosses your boundaries or hurts your feelings. It's true love, so it's ok.

9. Lavish a huge amount of attention on your partner or expect a huge amount of attention to be lavished on you. How else would you act if you finally found your soul mate?

10. Push the relationship forward and demand that it go deeper, in spite of where your partner is emotionally. You have the right to have the be exactly how you want it to be and your soul mate owes you that.

Listed above are pretty much the only ways to blow it in a relationship. If you want even more insurance that your new relationship has every chance of making it,
Clear about your needs and boundaries*
A good listener
On the other hand, your relationship may end no matter what you do. Being in fear about it actually makes the end more likely. To eradicate the fear, let go of the attachment that the person you are with be THE right person. Simply be with him or her a day at a time.
cheers....:))hilarious stuff

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