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tete-a-tete with dear mouses

gosh strange r u ppl ...baba if u guys wanna trash my post do it in 1 or 2 comments no need 2 flood me with 51...stating the same rhetoric again and again
and if i keep the comments section open u guys say she wants to bask in self appreciation..blah blah she should like a true blogger disable comments ..if i disable thm suddenly sm mouse develop another headache tht how can she refuse to hear our trashing,she should b there whenever we need to spew venom:0)
arre baba mainay kia bigaraa hai grrrr ...and all of u who r screaming tht i advertise my blog on IT remember i always ask my friends 2 comment and read not any other stranger so if u r 1 of my friends and doing anonymous act thn tht also v deplorable..
so dear mouses...a truce...neither i bug u guys nor u bug me
and yeah frst decide between yourself tht wht should i do....
disable or able comments
thn let me know so tht i can wear my iron armour before SHOCK AND AWE bombing starts again......

Posted by sebia :: 6:19 AM :: 19 Comments:

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