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On 11th of march its my birthday though again many of u will accuse me of being shallow and childish and whatsoever but i love to celebrate my birthday, i love receiving cards ,and i love being wished by all.I love 2 feel the warmth of friendship and expression of care from ppl around me (and frtunately i have a blog who lately has turned in to an advertising board)(so pls guys fr sm days leave section 498 and sm other trashing stuff)
wish me luck,joy,happiness and al the good wishes cuz i really need thm.and if u ppl dont feel like doing it pls dont bother 2 ruin my day by saying anything remotely bugging and no jokes on me .
ON the night between 10th and 11th we will have a party again a virtual cake and everybdy is invited even gatecrashers only 1 thing DECENCY IS THE CODE.and no bitterness.

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