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ALL of u commentors ,

I have got nuthing against u guys and i never became a part of any controversy or animosity ever since i have joined IT ,nor i ever tried to abuse or backbite abt anybody ,cuz i cm here fr good times and i dont beleive in having my enjoyment on behalf of others.Whoever u guys r shuld admit it .WHN you ppl started commenting on my blog it ws fun and all of us enjoyed the musings, sm comments were really funny and cracked us all up so i allowed it cuz i beleived tht u guys r just having lil fun w/t the thought of harming others.I enjoyed the pranks had a good laugh and though everybdy told me to stop it i didnt.
But now all this thing turning really ugly whoever wants to say anything abt anyother person cms here and blabber ,u guys must b observing me frm past 11 months ,have i ever abused anybody?or behaved rudely?thn how can i allow my blog 2 act the part,listen guys everything whn stretched too much breaks, nothing is endlessly elastic,and now u guys r using my own blog 2 cuss abt my friends these were the ppl who were there fr me in my adversity always, i know u ppl have sm issues and enjoying the pranks as a way of getting bak at thm ,but why slashing me in between.
vance ,footy ,keshi,ashes ,icy ,anna all these ppl were always there fr me they were beside me whn i was on my lowest so how culd i let thm down by becoming a part of abusing compaign.
A blog is like the the extension of ones thoughts and mind ,so allowing all of u 2 cuss thm and make fun of thm will look like as im the one instigating all this.
and now because of all this the ppl i actually want ,2 comment ,they dont even read my blog .
and in a v nice manner i ask u guys 2 stop it pls.
i will b really grateful 2 all.
and on my bday i ws v happy tht whn i will open my blog i will receive good wishes and prayers prayers which i really need in life.
and wht i gt was a cussing machine churning against my own frnds
just count the wishes messages and the other 1.It ws really ugly.
thnx fr ruining my day.
If u guys want i can make a blog fr whole IT-ZENS where everybdy can go and post whtever they want to tht will b more fun i promise thn using my blog as an hoarding against ppl who r actually being nice 2 me.
and i promise i will advertise tht blog here.
I hope u guys have understood my point .

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