Eternal Bliss



Today i opened my eyes with gentle sunshine on my face.the rays of the sun were casting a spell ---dancing on my cheeks-----creating a beautiful symphony. such sunshine which denoted a happiness so ethereal, so pure,it had just enough strength 2 cherish ;not to sap.i opened my eyes and felt the rapture of smthing so soothing, so miraculous passing through my veins, making me alive suddenly ;so alive my whole world was bathing in those beautiful expanses of that spectrum.every colour which was coming out of that light was denoting smthing............ emotions,feelings, incidents........... my whole life was dancing infront of me and yet there was no ugliness,no despair,no melancholy,no gloom.death wasnt there with its ugly black colour.Gloom was also not there 2 paint my soul the shades of greyI was lying there ,just like that, feeling the rays which were curing me,erasing all the ugly scars removing the chains which had been shackling my soul for soo much time ,all those things which i always tried 2 run away from;always tried 2 find an escape instead of facing them right awaywere deleting, all this time i had this suffocated sense of nuthingness;an emptiness which transited its self through my veins all of it were being erased frm my life .Those ugly wounds and scars all basked in the healing sunshine were fading away finally a relaease ws on its way.I ws born again the reincarnation of different sebia a different soul with different selfactualization i know now tht happiness is nt the gratification of the material needs nor it lies in physical presence of objects and ppl, its the state whn u are at harmony with your self then when u accept finally instead of running away, it is an avoidance to the is when u elevate urself from the shores of uncertainity and enters in the pathoes of reality but with complacent heart.AND FINALLY I AM FREE, im born im reincarnated and im CURED.

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