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From past 1 week i am trying 2 finish a post ,but theres this fever of mine which keeps on coming back 2 me,guess its getting addicted of me cant stay away from me for more then a day.
It envokes 2 kinda reactions in me some times i am 2 hyper,just unstoppable screaming ,dancing w/t any rhyme and reason.a demon in me coaxes me to hop on a roller coaster ride of baseless yapping and blabber.and most hilarious stuff i dont know after the fit is over tht wht did i yanked about,my family members and friends tell me tht i screamed such uncognizable stuff..good fr me tht i dont remember hence cant feel the embaressment.
The other reaction is much 2 simply throws me in 2 a stoic silence,like a lull before a storm ,i can feel my soul sitting outside and infront,it has no reflection but it can cast shadows.a void,forlorn dark spell,i want to touch it feel it but it has no shape it just exists there and lost nowhere ,a shadow which weeps fr no reason ,a spirit which griefs for no pain.
I am in that mood now so i wanna write some urdu poetry
Qaid main hai meri rooh
kisii roazen ki khuwahish nahin
iss zindaan main hai bhutaknaa
kissi massehaa ki aas nahin,
iss junoon main hai sukoon
inhii wehshatoon main hai aarzoo
issi jusstajujoo main hoon tures rehi
kisi saayey ki ab talaash nahin,
sukoot-e-shab main dhoondhoo
subeh-e-kiran ki tujallian,
wairaan raahoon main ab
kissi hamnafas ki piyaas nahin,
meray hoontoon pay ruqsaan hain,
kuch lou daity say nouhay,
ek jag beetaa,shumma ko jaltay
ab kisi our mautem ki taab nahin.
meri rooh piyasi kehty hai kuch yaadasht purani
kuch khoon say kuch aanssoo say likhi thee ek derd kahani
kuch jugnoo, kuch mottii,kuch kuch titli kuch paani
sub kuch to kho bhaitay,ab kahan ki moojoon ki rawani...
abhi kuch teer baaqi hai sayaad kay turkish main
tulatum beet chuka phir bhi samander main abhi baaqi hay tughiani....

will understand later tht wht have i written whn out of this mood ..i hope u ppl had enough patience to read through the gibberish of a feverish oxymoron....
after getting back 2 normality will finish the humorous post im wrking on....

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