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Sebias nerves according to ADORABLE(an enemy in the disguise of friend)

Today a friend asked me a favour..he wanted to have some pun fun on my behalf,by trashing me grrrrrr with friend like him who needs enemy:(( but anyways though im hating every line of it but i found it really hilarious so posting it as per his wish...and always remember 1 thing deplorable,adorable REVENGE IS SWEET..i will crucify u infront of all ur nubile nymphets and lady loves...u wait and watch...fisting my hands for an attack..
ok here it goes
Sebias nerves according to Adorable(God knows by whom)
1. announces "main aa gayee" ( as if no1 can see)
2. brandishes her sword at every possible instance( how many times have i told her not to carry dat sword o cigarette paper around.. she looks kinna kinky wid dat in her hand)
3. advertisement of her blog {show me 1 IT-zen who doesnt know abt her blog ..u have no choice buddies u must visit sebias-shrine on a regular basis
4. commentomania (love it or not u must comment at her blog.. the comment must be long and thr have to be a word or two abt her skills)
5. her ofxrdo english ! "2brn2b""hai aur bhi sukhanwar duniya me kai achche .. kahte hai ke sebia ka hai andaz e bayaan aur"
6. the intermittent doses o urdu shayari ..."kah do meer o ghalib se wo sadi tumhari thee ye sadi "sebia" ki hai". have to admit tho that shes gud at it .. only if u are able to understand wot shes trying to convey (berty happy reading)
7. "I the people" attitude a proud narcissist !! {when she talks every1 has to listen..dunt u dare try talkin abt urself when with her}.
8. blogomania-read others blogs too {"its hilarious"- god knows whr .. "its funny" .. how}"wo kahte hai ke pado jaker .. koi batlaye ke padne ko hai kya"
9. meet john doe {u have to meet her friends .. no matter wot ..n trust her .. her friends are the "best"
10. kindred soul... dont u dare utter a word or flirt with her ...sistas ... dottys .. god knows .. da entire gal crowd o IT is her clan ..
A-DO.n Quixote!!
Well thot wud pen down a few "nerves" o da gurl whoz a bundle o energy... raw TNT ... cud explode anytime ... hope i am alive to see the light o dayafter yapping abt her .. .. god save the soul god save ado ...

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