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Dev:---anitaa...sign on these getting late.
Anita:---no dev..i wont, this is the last piece of property left .and this is for my
daughters future..i cant put that on stake...just for the whims and greed
OF your parents..(screams anita)
Dev:----u better sign anitaa....or get ready 2 bear the consequences......and dont u dare say anything about my parents...u ugly bitch...belonging 2 filthy people..
anita:---(slaps dev)i will never sign these paper ...i hate u ..u good for nuthing man(lots of abuses followed........

dang.....bang...a gun shot..a loud noise...a bullet passed through anitas heart...

papa u cant do this.....(a lil girl started fighting him screaming loudly...

dang ....bang...another gun shot...a small gust of blood....and the bullet pass through the innocent child....

dev:__ oh godddd...what the hell have i done....screams..
dang...bang...another shot followed
..another life gone..this time the life of the man who burnt his own happiness by his anger..death rang its horrid symphony and took away 3 the ashes ,burnt all the unfullfilled desires and unproclaimed dreams..... that was the actual incident which took place some time ago here and which still haunts me after all those years.

ANGER as defined by Thomas acquins:--
Name of a passion,a passion of a sensetive appetite,is good in so far
as it is regulated by reason,whereas it is evil ,if it sets the order of reason aside.
Anger an amalgam of suppressed emotions,if channelized properly it can become a driving force.but if it passes the realms of reason it can become a destruction unlimited..
Great attrocicities..attributed 2 crazed men HITLER ,STALIN all the terrorists are the outcome of this emotion...even ordinary men can become evil enough 2 bulldoze others..thousands of germans gathered together and executed millions of jews just 2 satiate this demon called ANGER..
Whats happening in palestine and iraq is all this respressive anger creating havoc and reducing the mankind to the last pathoes of degradation.

On the contrary jews used this anger as there driving force a motivational spark...when they were literally wiped out from the world map..they bounced back like the phoenix that rose from the ashes.
In STAR WARS PART 3 there was a message which hit me pretty badly
all the while ANIKEN..SKY WALKER was so scared to lose his lady love,so much so that he was having visions abt losing her 2 death.... he turned to dark side and became DARTH VADER just to protect her from clutches of death..and in the end .....killed her himself cuz of this very emotion which had became a curse by then...what a poetic justice....thats the way the story weaves.
We all need catharesis..if we keep on suppressing our emotions and needs they become bottled up and like a volcano when they erupt ,they do, then hell hath no fury than the uncorked bottle of fury ;)...those of us who can elevate themselves to the heights of restrain and manages to channelize their anger as a constructive force are real heroes that is real jehad a war against ones own demons and anger ,ones own self not to fall victim of this curse...which is nurturing deep inside all of us..
"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

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