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Scene 1.....(CHAT ROOM...Flirting and romance..Tambaktu...

Nubile nymphet... enters in the room and all the gopies ,ropies and topies springs in to action.... and she is hounded by all the clan of hawks....but 1 RasputIn was t0o swift.... 2 grab her attention .....

RASPUTEEN: Hello is it me you looking for?

GIRL (li'l bemused): May be, intrigue me enough for me to recognize that.

RASPUTEEN (needs li'l coaxing): You are a treat to my sore eyes.
You are my heroine. Tread softly... My love... I have spread my dreams under your feet


Next girl enters....and Rasputeen goes....

Rasputeen:--.Tujhey laagay na nujariya... Odh lay chunariya... Tirchhi nigaheein teri... Mujh pay giraayeein ray bijuriyaaa bijuriyaaaaaa...N

Nubile nymphet was shocked..looks @the RASPUTEEN ..

Rasputeen WINKS:--Jub bhi koi ladki dekhoon, mera dil deewana bole ole ole ole --- oley oley oley....

This was a short trailor of a CHATROOM DRAMA...dramas like this are part of of chatroom dynamics..Virtuality is a strange place.For some its just an escape from reality,for others its a door for perceiving the dark pathos of human mind..a place where 5 feet obnoxious ,drooping fella can become 6 feet 4 tall and lanky JOHN ABRAHAM.clone..swooning the grls ,making them dance on his raapchik tunes...where a wuss shows her claws as tigress and tun tun can magically transforms in 2 PARIS HILTON..where relationships are formed and broken bfre ADAM could muster enough courage to yell EVE...

Coming 2 chat is easy..but surviving here for more than 5 minutes is really not the game of cards....and those weak at heart...and in wits pls feel free not to come fr the BLACK HOLE DANDIYA....Here are the ten commandments which i have come up after fOcusing all of the concentration i could muster..feel free to twitch ur fascial muscles a lil bit while reading this......


  1. Nicks:--OOO,,LAAAAA..LAAA......They make or break ur chat enigma...from persona to nongrata;0 from donkey to creepy dhain patash..from crouching tiger,,,to dosa or samosa and from pooja to doojaa......either the kings rule or sm perverts drool ..have ur pick...{so now u guys know ,,why nobody answers to HOT PIYARE MOHAN...OR PET DOGGY}.....As they say eyes are the mirror to one's nick denotes ur personality..ASL;......sheeshh...If you are an AMATEUR and you enter a chat room they will give you a chill if you decide to commit chat suicide by asking 'ASL' - you will be a victim of frostbite. And if you are still stupid enough to push youR luck U will soon be on your way to the CHAT morgue with all kinds of abuses on ur trAIlSo take the advice of Uncle ConfusciousNO-NO-NO RAIN DANCING IN THE TUB FULL OF WASPKILLER..Asking ASLs is like digging ur own chat grave ...and thn insisting to have them is like jumping in it s well.. what difference does it make that from what part of hemisphere next person is hanging..cmon..intrigue the person a lil bit ..bfre playing the game of darts on her..

2,PMS{PRIVATE MESSAGES}.....PMS or WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ...who can hit as SHOCK AND AWE bombardment....either they will take u on the Heights of HAPPYY CHATTING or reduce u to the level of lowly stinky bug needed to b crushed....dang...and if u do the crucial and filthiest of mistake in the history of sending a PM....oozing porn stuff.then get ready 2 b crucified,slaughtered and final punishment of solitary confinemnt in the blissful serenity of IGGYBIN.

3,..WORDS>......In chatrooms..its only words..and words are all u have to intrigue the other make sure that the words u use or up 2 the mark..cuz u might neeed 2 eat them back ..Its not the sugar which makes the tea sweet..its the stirring so choose ur timings plssss..

4,..Muah and abuses.....Virtuality is strange MUAHS PREVAIL..and abuses are right on play it safe..its up 2 u 2 embrace the joining the fiery sessions of abusing..or keep ur equillibrium intact by..keeping a lil distance..remember WISE MeN,NEVER PLAY LEAPFROG WITH UNICORN.....

5,PRIVATE ROOM INVITATION......SHEESH......EEKS....Asking her 2 go to pvt room as soon as u see 1 PROMINENT NICK on ur chat like going 2 ANTARCTICA..u will be there all ALONE..cold and chilled..frost bitten..

6,QUESTIONING REALITY IN VIRTUALITY; abt her looks and like u r standing next to her w.t a deodrant..and as if u are radiating wrst kinda stinky fumes..DISTANCE..AND CHILLS WILL B UR CHAT DESTINY..

7,OGGLE AT ALL GIRLS;.while chatting..and u will b safely googled out of that 1 special grls screen...enjoy ur spooky tango with all and miss 1 special salsa with the special grl..

8,BITCH AND PICK OTHER BOYS TO GAIN ATTENTION...and u will be safely clicked no need to BURN UR HANDS WITH TOASTER OVEN..there are other ways to gain attention as quoting UNCLE CONFUCIOUS;0{he always comes handy}

9,If by some miracle u menage to find that special girl...and she asks u 2 stay...plsssssssssssss DO THAT..even if u are in twin towers and they are collapsing on your head..or your boss..hurling u around,poking in ur ribs..his huge horns... like some DINASOUR in the jurrasic park..plssssssssssssss try 2 give her ur undivided attention..U SHOULD HAVE UR PRIORITIES STR8....

10,U can be any virtuality... like SOMUpehelwan in reality..but on net u should present urself as TOM CRUISE..its all about the advertisement that how finely u package and present urself.

11,YOUR ASL...should always be..from teens to twenty..with 6 feet height and good looks..even if u are some MOTTA TEENDA BHATTUSH..grappling with middle age crisis..of your kids.

12,Possessiveness in virtuality…..a definite NO NO……so while looking at the skies of chatroom..appreciate the stars ..dont ask fr the moon..breathe free and don’t try 2 eat the breathing space of sally,telly,shally,and malley….

These were just some weird commandments..pls feel free not to think about crucifying me if they don’t work…we can come up with something else. So all of u are invited 2 contribute to the COMMANDMENTS OF NET SURVIVAL…

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