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OH need to be all alarmed and stuff..i am not like leaving the blogsville..or chatsville...the dungeons and twisted paths of virtuality..even the dragons roaming around here..all are so addictive..and its so hard to cut ones self away from the intoxication or high 1 feels..after twisting and turning the words:)...
so just ashort vacation..and thn i will be back in no time...TANOO...keep this plae alive fr the next 3 weeks..
i am gonna miss u all..
hasta la vista..till thn:)

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Dont step on moi nerves,they have got FILLINGS also

Some more bizarre ramblings by an IDENTITY who is about to turn in to the LEGACy.

I am in sheer agony now a days,(as if u people visiting moi shrine..dont know)
I have tried all moi best,to enact most horrid EKTA KAPOOR shtyle drama

but still was not so satisfied,and was trying to throw some more emotional tantrums,about me dying and I am writing moi will blah blah and some more blahs,so somebody very patiently told me that

In order to leave something behind..u need to have something…what do U HAVE??
(tht was a direct hit on moi bank account..which is proudly showing 10 dollars in the last bank statement(damn..people are actually sadist and ruthless.?
So a friend told me…typical amitabh shtyle..

FRIEND:Meray paas gaadi hai bangla hai tumharay paas kia hai?
SEBIA:Meray paas BLOG hai!!!!!!!
(SO I am blessed with the power 2 effect all..and inflict so much pain on others with moi baseless ramblings..).

Here are certain things which I want all moi nearest and dearest ones to do..once I am long gone..

1,As soon as I breathe fire..sorry moi last cold sigh(I am not sm FEFNIA the 1 eyed monster..who breathed fire whn dying)all of moi well wishers should immediately attack the dentist,who left no needle unturned to play chaos with moi dental nerves.
I want u guys to go drag him from his almost bald head,and tie him to the engine of some mig fighter plane ,which should drop him on some remote area of Iraq(yes it will be a real shock and awe treatment for the poor need for bomb..he has got enough potential to cause major destruction.

2,Again thanx to him as I wont be able to savour and relish moi 1 last masala DOSA,so my grave should be sub leased to paani poori and papri chaat guys,sole proprietorship should remain with MASALA DOSA,they can have there RAJNIKAANT cinema there as well..

3,So many hunks will come to offer there last condolences..if nobody else..atleast TANVI and ADORABLE will be there..Tanvi waiting for some entertainment..and ADORABLE will take it as an opportunity to hold another voice confy,to sing all kina morbid songs,which will cause serious mayhem in the peaceful serenity of graveyard.(poor dead ones..they wont be able to find ETERNAL BLISS even down under) that mega event should be sponsored and advertised heavily..and all the money generated afterwards should be donated to the cause CONFY MAIN GAOO..LATA MANGESHKAR aur MUKESH ki lutiya dubaoo..

4,Moi pride,moi shine and moi glitter..great measures should be taken to save it ..from the attack of ALIENS..or clones..called anonymouses..It should deserve to be placed on the highest of pedestal..and ETERNAL BLISS should be written with that DENTISTs BLOOD in the annons of BLOGS that future generations should know..that once there was an autistic being(yours truly)..who managed to create some GIBBERISH BOMB,which was as dangerous to mankind,as any weapons of mass destruction.

Ok that’s enough I guess,cuz the pain killer is now kicking in.and I might loose the wish to die altogether,and decide to torture all of you HUMANS by staying alive,tarnishing the purpose of all the utter,butter,gutter,I just churned up..

all of u:0

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Shehr- e- jaan kay mausam

Roshan sayey tulashtay hain..
Iss zulmat e beyabban main
Qatra qatra pighaltay hain..
Piyaas ki jalan hoo jaisay

Chaar soo andhera hai..
Sooraj per kis nay shab khoon maara hai...
Palkain khoufzada hain
Khuwaboon ki chubhan hoo jaisay

Kuch bainaam see udaasi hai..
Kuch baiwajah yadoon ki saazish hai..
Ankhoon main jaisay fanaa hoon kuch lamhay
Aag burf main jalty hoo jaisay..

Iss tulaatum ki qatal lehrain..
Barbaad ker gayee..kitnay gharonday..
Khalli gher say durr lagta hai
Kutbaa saa quber per rakh gayaa ho kai jaisay

From past few days I wanted to write so much. but was so busy and realized to moi dismay,tht im only born 2 get pampered.WRK is not cut for lazy daisies like me. and then dying with some toothache. though it didn’t bring out any any wisdom in me. but still. so couldn’t get any time to scribble the age old gibberish. which is synonymous with this blog..and 1 cursed soul..i-e me..
and then lately. I just couldn’t cm up with any brain cells ceased to function. tried so hard…even tried hanging upside down..tht maybe with rush of blood something might go and tickle sm grey cells. but naa about being BULL HEADED..or may be COW moi state.
People have very different opinions about me..some think I am hyper to the degree of autism..some think I am so morbid..and a classic case of existentialism. after reading moi poems. I don’t know why whenever I write poetry why I always ends up churning something so stoically haunting piece of morbid agony.After 10 cans of diet coke. I feel like ranting though. but for a change I feel lil humanity..and empathy..towards the finer sense and sensibilities of the visitors here..who..cms to moi shrine SO WONT YAK MORE..heres another poem written by moiself…another depressive cry of thorn bird..(though im not feeling depressed at all)..

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If men are allowed to rule the world.....Some malicious piece of fiction

If men are allowed to rule the world...
sm fiction with intent of malice towards male specie..should be taken with intent of pun..with a pinch of salt:)

1,THere wont be any mushy love stories,allowed ,to taint the vision of naïve girls.. ..

2,Valentines day ,will be considered as day of doom..

3,A wife will be reduced to the small window in P.C.,ONLY pops upas per choice..otherwise blocked forever...

4, Shopping..will be considered as sin,PUNISHABLE with lashes…

5, Only sexy and beautiful girls,will be allowed to live,others can go 2 hell or heaven,no 1 cares,ordinance of DEATH WITHOUT MERCY..will be passed against..ugly ones..

6, All men will be blessed with a remote control..with the option of fastffwd,to save themselves..frOm the timeless rants of there grls..

7, A techie who will create a gadget,which immediately,traces out the telephone number,of any girl,just by looking at her..will be highly rewarded.

8, Star plus,and zee tv,will be banned permanently.T.v willl run…TNA WRESTLING..and soccer matches whole day..from different camera different channels..

9, During cricket matches..all offices..and work places wont open..and everybody else in the house will go in sleep mode..

10, Who cares about..carpeting in the drawing room..the garage will be carpeted with lush Iranian give respect to the esteemed cars..

11, All healthy food..will find its way outta will flow in the rivers..and taps will produce whiskey..milk and water will be used as prescribed medicines only..for severe symptoms..

12, Burping..farting..digging noses..scratching..all will be allowed as per ones heart content..nuthing eeks about it..after all freedom of every bodys right..

13, All kina jewelry and fashion stores..will be replaced withbars..and smoking joints..
Smoking..will be allowed everywhere..those averse to the smoke..can go die in solitary confinement..

14, The hottest chicks of the office will always be placed properly..infront of every guys cubicle..every guy should be blessed with an opportunity 2 suffer from CHICK FLU..

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Hullo all … a very complacent and humble one..cuz I am sure after reading this totally stewpid post defying all kinna sense and sensibility….humility will be my only saving grace.
TAGS in the beginning I did not find them quite appealing but thn after so much time,when people did not bother to tag me at all(((((((((((((((((((like how mean was tht of all of you)..rebel-on-loose..decided to rebel against the show of such extreme biasness against me so while reading this u guys decide any time to smash somebodys head..feel free to visit his GYM..(better go wearing some iron armor,theres a quite show of muscle power salman khan shtyle there).
Ok let us start..


1, Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
GotchA the book tried to run away ,but didn’t know its SEBIA.whom it ws messing with)
The book is THE CROW EATERS by BEPSI SIDHWA(totally hilarious)
Jumping from the cart,palms on hips,jerbanoo planted herself solidly before freddy.her winged eyebrows almost dissappearing in to her hairline.

2, 2.Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
Duh(already my family members gt severe miscoceptions abt moi ability to suddenly burst in to bharat natyam,or sm weird african dance)(and u want me to defy the gravity at this time)
Ok I stretched it,and damn!!!!thaa!!!!it hit the wall.grrr

3, What is the last thing you watched on TV?
I watched my friends shaadi ki movie..(in which I was dancing and singing,thinking of moi self no less thn MADHURI:p

4, Without looking, guess what time it is?
2-20 am(how its possible tht I don’t look at the computer clock?serious restrain is required 2 nt 2 look)

5, Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
2-30 am(damn…and im still awake..and I have gt to go to wrk in the morningL((

6, With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
The humm of ac,and sm cats whinning,and sm jheenghas singing jheenga lalas,outside my window.

7, When did you last step outside? What were you doing??
i went for a longgggggggggggg walk..dragged by moi father..on a beachL((and trust me..i wasn’t 1 bit enjoying the sheer torture inflicted upon the power :(

8, Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
My feet.(im totally in love with them..keep on looking at them with great adoration in moi eyes:p

9, What are you wearing?
Sitaroon wala lehnga,with sat lada haar,and tons of makeup and heel wali jooti,and all the jewellry:P(like indian movie heroines,im wearing all this and sleeping,it will be ez,to meet the hunk in my dream:P

10, Did you dream last night?
Im a nightmare my self.

11, When did you last laugh?
Watching,our BELLE in tht shaadi ka video..
Burnt my hand while baking dinner..
And still chuckling while writing this…( nosy can this tag maker be)

12, What is on the walls of the room you are in?
my full blown up pic(its best to start my day with myself)
a painting by me.
sm other blah blah blah.

13,Seen anything weird lately?
Myself..doing this tag at 3 am in the morning…dang

14, What do you think of this quiz?
2 longggggggggggggggggggggg

15, What is the last film you saw?

16, If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Money smhow never is important fr me..

17, Tell me something about you that I dunno.
U dunno anything abt the frst place>>>.
I hate to sleep and I hate more to wakeup…(couldn’t find smthing humorous now)

18, If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Death,of ur loved ones.or anybody elses loved ones..

19, Do you like to dance?
I love to.infact I can burst in to sm dance move any time,any where:p all the wrlds,an opera,and mez a great bellerina:Pi don’t usually the house,i dance moi way around.

20, George Bush:
FEFNIA…the arrogant greek mythology.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Porshe carrera:P
If she gonna be like mE,I am already feeling sorry for moiself:P
Nissa(the woman)

22. . Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?
AHED .(the 1).

23, . Would you ever consider living abroad?
i can live anywhere..with or w.t any with the ppl I love…

24, What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
U were good to your parents..and you made a difference in some lives..

And wht I think GOD gonna say is…
Oh no!!!!!!!u are cause havoc in the peaceful serenity of my heaven as well,let me throw u back,bang dang dang!!!!!

25, . People who may do this memo in their journal:
whoever..who feels like messing with his sleep..and brains:P
but still let me type sm names..just fr the heck of it..
Vikas…(too paagel hoi hai and indulge in 2 this gibberish(his answer will b)
Adorable(I don’t have time frm my flirtatious schedule..(his ans)
Possessed prophet(sebz..have u gone nuts..for asking me to indulge in 2 smthing so childish)
Anchovy(I know u hate to love me:P
Jackal(just like tht)
Cappy(dhain patash)
Tdm(long time no see… mez 2 sleepy to remember anything or anybody..pardon me if I frgt ur name..thnx all of u fr burdashtoofying this torture..i didn’t expect u 2 read all tht I churned up..just type a sassy comment..and do bhangra:P
And thnx..possessed prophet..u did ur best in finding me sm cartoon image..while sitting in the office..:)
Adios all!!!
p.s..(i filled this last night..2 sleepy to post tht time so posting now).

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Placid Turmoil.....until..death did them apart!!!!!

Wrapped in white, the coffin arrived...
Whole world shattered, no wish survived.
Every vista, seemed to lye,
Through shattered dreams and futile cries...
There weary souls now reclined...
Agonized for the dream, entwined...
Resting so peacefully, in arms of death...
So hostile. So divined….
I am back with another fairytale. starting from joy, happiness stars…and ending in the cold abyss of pain, death marked its murky shadows, and gave such hollow pain to the eyes who used to shine with light so bright, which could illuminate the whole world with the shining brilliance…These two people were so close to me,. I lost one to death, and the one who left behind. We lost her to her hollow cocoon of grief…
Once upon a time.not So long ago. There used to live a prince. Wherever he go he used to mark his presence with his infectious charms, humor was his forte, and gracious empathy and humility. his strength. He was a healer by profession. yeah he used to heal all, not from there physical ailments.only.but sometimes from there fears and caustic demons shackling there souls….
Like all fairytales, he had a princess as well.. So pretty. With long black hair. Porcelain skin and twinkling shy smile. From childhood they knew they are made for eachother.and they are destined to be all pain, all misery all joy. They were together. Holding each other’s hands...travelling the vistas of life...i never trusted this emotion called LOVE...but I have never seen anybody more fulfilled in love. They were connected to each other in a strange bond. There hearts used to throb with intensity of spiritual love…
Then there were strange kina fears, which used to haunt the prince. Every night he used to wakeup...sweeting and screaming the princess name...there was some fear, eating him from inside, that hes going to lose her...that something gonna snatch her away from him...these demons were just not letting him live. He started getting more and more possessive about her. He could not imagine her giving little attention to anybody else but HIM…he wanted all her time, all her emotions. All her dreams only for himself...

10 days left, for there marriage. He had to go to another country to attend something important…being a silent spectator. I still remember him going to the door. And coming back. touching things..and above all..He couldn’t let go of princess..He kept on repeating...that I am so scared to go...i feel I am gonna loose something so precious if I leave today. Everybody laughed at him. that its just some pre marriage nerves..U don’t worry she will still be here when u will come back..One last lingering look...1 last feel of her hands...and he left...

He used to call her every day, sometimes every hour. But 1 day he didn’t call!
Whole day passed bye..there were only 6 days left for the marriage..He was supposed to come back that day...HE DID NOT...whole day the princess was experiencing strange kina restlessness...and then the most absurd thing happened

She was trying her wedding gown. Then she started throwing everything away. And she was screaming. that HE IS DEAD..what..are u crazy..i almost slapped her..but looking at her..she was in a strange kina trance..She was mumbling...and crying...
Reached home. and so many people were there..all crying..some strangers..Some known. the house was lit by so many lights for the upcoming wedding..Therefore, many flowers. Now all STAINED WITH THE BLOOD OF DEATH…
There was the fragrance of death everywhere. Black hateful shadows…

And strange thing was. Nobody told her that he died. It was so sudden an accident. But she knew. When he took his last breath. She sitting so far away...knew tht he is no more…
.and there was no logical excuse for that. Except for the bonding of two spirits?
two days later they brought his coffin…people say he was looking so handsome..and his face was glowing with strange kina aura..when they buried was 2 days before there marriage.for 2 days..She did not utter anything, any word, no tear rolled down her cheeks...she simply sat there with heavy numbness frozen in time and agony...
They did not show her...his face. Only until they were just about to put him down….
Then she woke up from her trance. The one who was so subtle and shy. she was showering his face with kisses..and tears..
When they put him down..she was digging his grave with her nails..she was screaming so much..that please take me inside..i cant take the world alone..w.tout you I am nothing..i cant face life…
The marriage vows are..until death do us apart…and
Death literally did them apart…..

They wanted to fly......
But the wings were tattered
She opened her arms ,

and was lost in muted ice.....
He tried to fill up her senses
But...walked passed through her....
The souls culdnt entwine....The spirits culdnt join.
.The vacuum between life and death was too big too surpass......................

I am not opening comments for this post..its his birthday today..if possible..just pray for his departed soul..he was the one who used to start nagging all..1 month before his birthday to treat him royally….and now not even a single whimper from

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Hi all,
Sorry just so busy now a days,have no time to invest any energy in to writing something funny:(( just to change the focus of attention was digging in to my archieves to find something,which could help us twitch some facial muscles:)so i came up with this..feel free to smile..even laugh a bit..and dont feel free 2 smash my head outta sheer boredom after reading this:p

Those were the first letters,i learnt in my childhood.Coming from the family of car freaks ,where CARS are considered 2 be more human then the shallow mortals, and where MICHAEL SCHUMACCHER is displayed with the likes of all holy saints (if my mom is allowed she would definately like to indulge in 2 AARTY CEREMONY for him every day) ,these were the basic mantras of existance.I dont know who is more impressed by whom, my father with his BALLILAAS or AMITABH with his BASANTY but def inately there is an attraction strong enough to rock any volcano, pulpating between papa and his FIRST love.He pampers his cars more thn he ever pampered his wife.SO blessed with such environmental passion for driving and cars i couldnt wait to put my hands on wheels, and experience the rush of adrenaline.
Anyways 1 day i approached my bro and in the most honeyed voice i ever could muster i called him
bhai.....(he didnt realize it was him im calling cuz of sudden rush of love and sweetness in my voice)
my sweetest bro....(i mumbled again ..2 no avail)
grrrrrrrrrr ammirrrrrrrrrr......(i shrieked, this time he looked up frm the HOLY BOOK ABT CRICKET)

ARE you talking to me seb?
yes ..obviously i dont remember mom giving birth 2 ur twin and giving him the same name as yours.(i mumbled)..
tell me that earth is shattering ...or saddam hussain is back for his pound of flesh or sharukh is selling QULFI outside our house? whts the reason of soo much sweetness in your voice?
i wanna learn how 2 drive.....(i unraveled the suspense)
u want what?drivingwhat?d--r---i--v--i---n--gyeah u drive me nuts..... all the time what do u wanna learn now?(he chuckled)
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr .....................(

ANYWAYS with all the threats and promises dangling on his head, acceptance was the better part of valour .and he then said

Next morning i was awake before the saath waloon kaa murghaa and was hovering on his head at 5 am in the morning.
its time bro wake up !time for what?my time 2 have a meeting with GOD oh know cant be?no time 4 sm driving lessonsafter a lot of sycophancy and threatening i menaged to drag 1 sleepyhead to the car.I sat on the driving seat, and could feel the rush of excitement,adrenaline shooting 2wards my head.I could imagine that, why this male specie is so possessive abt there cars and why they think that there cars r there prized possession.and how difficult it is for them to exchange there throne with us girls .
Anyways A =ACCELRATORB=BRAKEi remembered the holy mantras and while chanting these ishlokes i started the engine 1 nasty growl and it ws dead and 1 deadly look by my bro and i was ALMOST dead. I started again and after 4th try he(engine) finally had mercy on my poor soul so it started ...WHAT NOW?put the car in gear D and push the accelrator slowly........(it ws automatic transmission).i swear i did that but nuthing happened after lots of fitful tries and murdering glares finally the car lurched ffwd BINGOOOOOOOOOOO!!! In my excitement i hit the accelrator soo hard and like a rocket it defied the gravity of earth and we went up sorry went ahead and out of nowhere, i promise it wsant there before in my past 18 years of existance a TREE popped up BRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEE ..HIT ON BRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE U FOOLi tried to find brake, but to my dismay i couldnt find anything hard underneath my feet so tried to find tht thing called break and in this confusion i hit the A fr accelrator so hardthud....screachhhh bhommmm ...bahhhhhh,thuuuuuuuuudddddddddthese were the voices i heard the result of the collision A CLASH OF TITANS between the car and the stupid head was exploding trying to find smthing heroic and courageous to muster but couldnt find anything like that so i cried.....
goshhhhhh ...the tree menaged to hit us ...we r being hit......(i started screaming and as usual lost control on my grammer)
no the tree didnt hit us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn u !!!!!!!!!!!!u are the 1 who banged in to the tree ...what the hell u think u were driving some STAR WAR SHIP ???????????????(wrds were coming out in puffed breaths from his mouth).i started crying with more emotion and devotion somebody came and asked him
what happened and why are you scolding the poor kid what did she do ?
nuthing...... she didnt do anything !!!!!!!!!the tree ran towards us.......... and banged itself in to our car ...and i happen 2 b the CARETAKER OF NATURE was just mourning for the martyr(in a crisis like that his wits turned razor sharp...i couldnt help enjoying).anyways now the biggest issue at that moment was how to avoid the cops cuz its a serious offence to learn driving without the LEARNERS LISCENCE so my dear brother literally had to bow down to ppl gathered around us to keep there mouths shut .and thn we came back home after the debacle.:(((((((Needless to tell u guys that what happened afterwards ........shhhhhhhhhhhh ....all of u girls can imagine how mean brothers can get .......After a year of this nightmare i finally enrolled my self in 2 the driving school and had my liscence(thats another horror story which i will narrate sm other time)and now i drive with all the devotion and passion.And each time i hold the steeringwheel in my hands i feel the same kind of excitement and thrill rushing through my veins .


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