Eternal Bliss


Dont step on moi nerves,they have got FILLINGS also

Some more bizarre ramblings by an IDENTITY who is about to turn in to the LEGACy.

I am in sheer agony now a days,(as if u people visiting moi shrine..dont know)
I have tried all moi best,to enact most horrid EKTA KAPOOR shtyle drama

but still was not so satisfied,and was trying to throw some more emotional tantrums,about me dying and I am writing moi will blah blah and some more blahs,so somebody very patiently told me that

In order to leave something behind..u need to have something…what do U HAVE??
(tht was a direct hit on moi bank account..which is proudly showing 10 dollars in the last bank statement(damn..people are actually sadist and ruthless.?
So a friend told me…typical amitabh shtyle..

FRIEND:Meray paas gaadi hai bangla hai tumharay paas kia hai?
SEBIA:Meray paas BLOG hai!!!!!!!
(SO I am blessed with the power 2 effect all..and inflict so much pain on others with moi baseless ramblings..).

Here are certain things which I want all moi nearest and dearest ones to do..once I am long gone..

1,As soon as I breathe fire..sorry moi last cold sigh(I am not sm FEFNIA the 1 eyed monster..who breathed fire whn dying)all of moi well wishers should immediately attack the dentist,who left no needle unturned to play chaos with moi dental nerves.
I want u guys to go drag him from his almost bald head,and tie him to the engine of some mig fighter plane ,which should drop him on some remote area of Iraq(yes it will be a real shock and awe treatment for the poor need for bomb..he has got enough potential to cause major destruction.

2,Again thanx to him as I wont be able to savour and relish moi 1 last masala DOSA,so my grave should be sub leased to paani poori and papri chaat guys,sole proprietorship should remain with MASALA DOSA,they can have there RAJNIKAANT cinema there as well..

3,So many hunks will come to offer there last condolences..if nobody else..atleast TANVI and ADORABLE will be there..Tanvi waiting for some entertainment..and ADORABLE will take it as an opportunity to hold another voice confy,to sing all kina morbid songs,which will cause serious mayhem in the peaceful serenity of graveyard.(poor dead ones..they wont be able to find ETERNAL BLISS even down under) that mega event should be sponsored and advertised heavily..and all the money generated afterwards should be donated to the cause CONFY MAIN GAOO..LATA MANGESHKAR aur MUKESH ki lutiya dubaoo..

4,Moi pride,moi shine and moi glitter..great measures should be taken to save it ..from the attack of ALIENS..or clones..called anonymouses..It should deserve to be placed on the highest of pedestal..and ETERNAL BLISS should be written with that DENTISTs BLOOD in the annons of BLOGS that future generations should know..that once there was an autistic being(yours truly)..who managed to create some GIBBERISH BOMB,which was as dangerous to mankind,as any weapons of mass destruction.

Ok that’s enough I guess,cuz the pain killer is now kicking in.and I might loose the wish to die altogether,and decide to torture all of you HUMANS by staying alive,tarnishing the purpose of all the utter,butter,gutter,I just churned up..

all of u:0

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