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If men are allowed to rule the world.....Some malicious piece of fiction

If men are allowed to rule the world...
sm fiction with intent of malice towards male specie..should be taken with intent of pun..with a pinch of salt:)

1,THere wont be any mushy love stories,allowed ,to taint the vision of naïve girls.. ..

2,Valentines day ,will be considered as day of doom..

3,A wife will be reduced to the small window in P.C.,ONLY pops upas per choice..otherwise blocked forever...

4, Shopping..will be considered as sin,PUNISHABLE with lashes…

5, Only sexy and beautiful girls,will be allowed to live,others can go 2 hell or heaven,no 1 cares,ordinance of DEATH WITHOUT MERCY..will be passed against..ugly ones..

6, All men will be blessed with a remote control..with the option of fastffwd,to save themselves..frOm the timeless rants of there grls..

7, A techie who will create a gadget,which immediately,traces out the telephone number,of any girl,just by looking at her..will be highly rewarded.

8, Star plus,and zee tv,will be banned permanently.T.v willl run…TNA WRESTLING..and soccer matches whole day..from different camera different channels..

9, During cricket matches..all offices..and work places wont open..and everybody else in the house will go in sleep mode..

10, Who cares about..carpeting in the drawing room..the garage will be carpeted with lush Iranian give respect to the esteemed cars..

11, All healthy food..will find its way outta will flow in the rivers..and taps will produce whiskey..milk and water will be used as prescribed medicines only..for severe symptoms..

12, Burping..farting..digging noses..scratching..all will be allowed as per ones heart content..nuthing eeks about it..after all freedom of every bodys right..

13, All kina jewelry and fashion stores..will be replaced withbars..and smoking joints..
Smoking..will be allowed everywhere..those averse to the smoke..can go die in solitary confinement..

14, The hottest chicks of the office will always be placed properly..infront of every guys cubicle..every guy should be blessed with an opportunity 2 suffer from CHICK FLU..

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