Eternal Bliss


Shehr- e- jaan kay mausam

Roshan sayey tulashtay hain..
Iss zulmat e beyabban main
Qatra qatra pighaltay hain..
Piyaas ki jalan hoo jaisay

Chaar soo andhera hai..
Sooraj per kis nay shab khoon maara hai...
Palkain khoufzada hain
Khuwaboon ki chubhan hoo jaisay

Kuch bainaam see udaasi hai..
Kuch baiwajah yadoon ki saazish hai..
Ankhoon main jaisay fanaa hoon kuch lamhay
Aag burf main jalty hoo jaisay..

Iss tulaatum ki qatal lehrain..
Barbaad ker gayee..kitnay gharonday..
Khalli gher say durr lagta hai
Kutbaa saa quber per rakh gayaa ho kai jaisay

From past few days I wanted to write so much. but was so busy and realized to moi dismay,tht im only born 2 get pampered.WRK is not cut for lazy daisies like me. and then dying with some toothache. though it didn’t bring out any any wisdom in me. but still. so couldn’t get any time to scribble the age old gibberish. which is synonymous with this blog..and 1 cursed soul..i-e me..
and then lately. I just couldn’t cm up with any brain cells ceased to function. tried so hard…even tried hanging upside down..tht maybe with rush of blood something might go and tickle sm grey cells. but naa about being BULL HEADED..or may be COW moi state.
People have very different opinions about me..some think I am hyper to the degree of autism..some think I am so morbid..and a classic case of existentialism. after reading moi poems. I don’t know why whenever I write poetry why I always ends up churning something so stoically haunting piece of morbid agony.After 10 cans of diet coke. I feel like ranting though. but for a change I feel lil humanity..and empathy..towards the finer sense and sensibilities of the visitors here..who..cms to moi shrine SO WONT YAK MORE..heres another poem written by moiself…another depressive cry of thorn bird..(though im not feeling depressed at all)..

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