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Hi all..mez back..from my vacation. And yes yes, going to bore u all for a long time with my travelogues...dont breathe any sighs of relief yet… will write THE CHRONICLES OF IBN-E-BATOOTI: P laters... (Suffering from extreme laziness)

There’s a very funny incident happened ,and just thinking about it makes me dissolve in to this gigglish spree..(U might feel like dissolving in two some killing spree. after reading that.).

Let me start it with little bit of background...

Before going for my vacation, in my fit of excitement to go to the fashion capital (Paris) of the world. I thought about creating my own fashion statement. And went to my hairdresser and asked her to dye my hair dark black. I have light brown. so she put some colour,and instead of going black..they turned RED..yes..HOT FIERY RED..(What my mom and father did to me. after that I don’t think will b safe to write interest of the ENIGMA...of SEBIA:( in my fit of sheer desperation I put some dark brown color on my head...just 2 hours before my flight. and the hair turned..ORANGE...yup a deadly shade of CRIMSONorange...And I was standing in front of the mirror. mourning..My brother in law came. and suddenly started yelling…FIRE..FIRE!!!!!..Smbdy pls call the fire brigade(yeah ..That was a pun intended for my fiery orange hairdare: ((thts how REPENZEL went CRIMSONANGEL

Next day I was walking down a road in Paris and then it started raining so much, so that I had to take refuge under the shade outside this SALOON...(some supposedly topnotch designer 1)..So I was standing there. Grossly looking like some wet rat. The manager asked me in...

A typical gay. with loads of OOMPH and some long tresses to put REPENZEL to shame. so I went inside..and he immediately started ..PAGHING PAGHING..In French...with sm wild gestures...after a lot of hue and cries I made out...tht he was talking abt my hair...anyways my grasp on French lingo is like asking TARZAN to recite we both were unable 2 communicate on any common grounds...then don’t know why he developed this notion tht im Spanish. Therefore, he managed to bring some Spanish colleague of his in two conversations. The place started looking like some direct scene from MIND UR LANGUAGE …COMEDY SHOW.

Everybody yapping in his own way .anyways finally he brought some English speaking guy in 2action and we communicated through him...tht wht can b done with my armed with all the weapons of mass ..Sorry hair destruction or restoration. He was about to start the holy war...thn I screamed


(I thought his assistant girl was to cut and restore my hair. it ws so much against my rigid almost fanatically lunatic set of standards...tht any guy (even gay) touches my hair)...

With extreme impatience, he asked me wut..By that, time both of us, managed to master the sign lingo. So I told him WUT..I could feel he wanted to slaughter me right there and then with those scissors in his hands. So at the end, the girl came and did the work, under his extreme supervision of paghing paghing in french, with my icy glares, ready to reduce anybody in the last pathos of Antarctica, every time he used to touch my hair to tell something 2 that girl...

At the end of this award winning nautanki.they did a pretty good job and crimsonangel returned to repenzel..:)

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