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I am not the kind of a person, who indulges in to baseless arguments and games of refutations just to prove something or get her kicks outta sheer rush of adrenaline caused by these baseless arguements...Specially I don’t find virtuality as a place to point fingers at others or make fun of others religious beliefs..but I felt a strange kina sadness enveloping me after reading a very good friends blog.i was seriously shocked,cuz I always thought of u as a person with greater tolerance level 2wards others beliefs..Keshi..I would have seriously appreciated it, if u asked me or even dewdy before writing such a baseless thing...And I felt more sick when people used that place of yours to vent there anger and hatred against Muslims in such a way, and I felt more hurt when all those friends whom I always considered as UNBIASED and UNPREJUDICED. With loads of religious narcissism..
U said u don’t know anybody living in Middle East. Strange I live there. and I am a Muslim, and I thought we were friends, and yeah I don’t wear HIJAB,and I drive and I have all kina fun whatever way I want 2..if I don’t go to dance parties, its not because of some fear of LASHES, but cuz its my own choice I don’t feel comfrtable,and if I don’t wear minni skirts or don’t roam around in some flimsy stuff its my own choice,friends of mine wear short skirts and such stuff and they want to cuz they like to
…Yes there are still some hard liners...Like in saudia.they are like that I do admit but tell me in which society there are no finatics? My granny was a catholic until her last days...and trust me she was much more rigid and fanatic in some issues then any hardliner Muslim can be...guess u did not bother to check Dubai, behrain, or even Oman etc...Don’t try 2 go for half-truth. Try to dig the full truth before making a mockery of some religious issue
And wearing a hijab, or not wearing it, it is about somebody’s religion and I don’t think anybody got any right to question anybody’s beliefs, right or wrong. Religion is something very personal; true I condemn fanatics like TALIBAN, and Saudis. However, they are not the whole Islam...
Remember .with freedom comes great responsibility can’t exercise your freedom when it can cause so much anguish to others, I was reading the comments on that post and it left such bad taste in ones mouth. There was a girl who was poking fun on PROPHET (PBUH) it some kinna religious secularism people were experiencing?
And for ur kind information, in true spirit of Islam, females are more encouraged to study and work, and if woman folk are asked to cover there heads, men are also asked to lower there eyes in respect of a woman, and here men are more properly clad then females..
And its like if u have 2 iron bars wire 1 and pass electric current, it will become a magnet and hence will attract the opposite bar, so as the woman and man,.
Those hardliners whoever said this, I CONDEMN them. And at the same time I condemn people who question others religious faiths and make fun of them to deliberately hurt or incite there religious feelings, w.t knowing the full truth...
I am not opening comments on this post, cuz I do not want people to come and say things about Islam and religion, already enough trashing is done. I felt so bad that’s why keshi answering u here, I didn’t want to be the part of that abusive crowd.

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