Eternal Bliss



After a long time im travelling on this road the road paved by unshed tears and unheard screams still choking inside a volatile volcano still nt erupted.Tears if menage 2 stray down frm lashes have the power 2 take away the pain, screams if cm out of the confines of soul can throw away the chains shackling the soul, but if these r curbed they burden the heart frever creating melanchollie retundant and happiness @ bay.when i lost smbody v close 2 death they said every wound turns in 2 scar ,after smtime, it stops bleeding u can touch the scar can remember the pain but cant feel it 5 yrs have passed by and still when i touch it i can feel the pain wht shuld i do 2 erase it .the wound is still raw oozing blood dripping pain can anything help me evade it .can happiness and pain co-exist? can u smile while tears shining in eyes? can silence throb with electrifying unleashed sorrow,?
Sm time everything cease 2 exist and u r in a state of limbo u can see u can hear but u cant feel rather ur 2 numb 2 feel ,ur mind cant register whts happening 2 u, u feel tht ur body and soul r 2 different entities u can actually see ur soul sitting infront of u coaxing u 2 get up giving u strength but ur so devoid of life tht u just cant standup and put ur pieces together.
and then 1 tiny tear rolls down leaving the confines of lashes and just the feel of tht salted droplet on ur skin gives u new life u wakeup and start cherishing the things u have other then which u lost.
yeah though tht tear havent crossed the confines of my lashes but still im a strong being i will revive myself i wont let this melancholy win and chain my soul i wont b a prisoner in my body i wont let the fire burn me 2 ashes.i know nuthing frmoutside will cm tohelp me the force is within me and only I can envoke it.the placid turmoil rocking inside me can b soothed with me and myself only and yeah im a strong being i will rock bak.
I WONT BE DEFEATED .THTS my promise 2 myself.

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