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TWO days back,in order to combat the sheer prevailance of insane vindictivity and boredom,which are now a days flavouring INDIATIMES.CHAT
a contest was held ,to find the

MADAM CHEEKU-MILKSHAKE kindly agreed 2 act as judge ,jury and even jallad for the contest.She is a fine lady and miss Sebia's accomplice in various kinda offences or crimes.The first day they met on IT they managed to slaughter MR.CREEPINGKING in to tiny cahoots.

Miss Sebia was the chief organizer of the contest.I dont think she needs any introduction.she is an enigma in her own self.

MISS Mesmerizing -eyes was the cake and the stake of the contest.

The rules were simple.yet the stakes were high.
The winner was to be crowned.

Hunk of the fortnight....

and for 14 days all the girls of IT were to shower him with all kinda attention...(what else a red blooded male frog..sorry.mortal can dream of in this virtual world.)
So with great devotion and fervor they started the CONTEST after the formal speeches. They started the mantras and shlokas ...stating that whoever will enter the room exactly after the last shlok will qualify for the peagent...
so they started chanting

~~oo00 holy fires,help us 2 quench the desire
let the hunk of the dream
falls frm the sky above
2 make our virtuality
a beautiful stream.~~

After a lot of futile tries and cries,and lots of attempted cheating by MR MARK and his passion for crime,and lots of witless taunts from MR mean- GUY some body finally entered the room

It was MR PRANAV -1982 whose basic mantra of existance is ,not 2 leave any stone unturned in the art of flirtation so he was immediately grabbed and hurled towards the the onus was on him to prove his worth.
4 simple questions .And if he scores above 20 he was to be crowned and he gets to select a queen,which he promptly selected as MISS MESMERIZING EYES so much was he mesmerized.that with great difficulty we had to drag the drowned hunk out of his dreamy reveire.

Miss mesmerizing eyes asked the first ques:--------
who is your favourite girl on IT and why ...give 3 reasons?
(so he was politely informed...taking other girls names can be a road to crucification by the EXPECTED QUEEN to be)
give 3 reasons for ur choice?
1,she is clean
2,she is mean
3,she walks around with a sword of damocles in her hand...ready to hence forth enough entertainment for all ITZENS:

2nd ques was asked by smbdy else:--

who is the most boring girl on IT?
reasons ;;;;;
1,she is clean
2,she is mean
3,she walks around with a sword in hand slashing every attempts of flirtation.....
(for which he received lots of glares frm miss SEBIA)
Our JUDGE AND JALLAD OF THE DAY miss CHEEKU-wasn't getting much impressed by his answers so he was told promptly to change his style or otherwise we might have to kick him out,but as MR PRANAV calls miss cheeku as DII, with all the politeness ,miss cheeku was lil biased towards him,so he got scot free.
3rd,ques was asked by miss sebia
if u are to judge between ur girll friend and ur car whom would u select and why?

ans,i will select my grl

1,Cuz she doesnt need petrol,.just sm love lines,and for that i dont need to spend alot of money.(how kunjoos)

2,she can blabber on and on and on,and i can sleep while she is still yappping(now i know ...why my bro always sleep while i talk .

3,last but not the least...if i menage to zonk her,or im bored,i can always get a new one without spending a fortune(for this specific reason all the girls present there wanted to slaughter him)

last ques was asked by MISS CHEEKU--THE JALLAD AND JUDGE and it was the most important question the whole decision depened on how he answered that.The air of the room was palpating with excitement
and the thrill to see is he going 2 make it or not

4rt,ques was

If u are to select between your mom and your girl whom would u select and why? girl

1,i can take care of my mom and i want smbody to take care of me in my old age.
2,if i make her happy she will make me and my mom happy in return.

3,she cms with dowry.

Every body was looking at MISS CHEEKU-MILKSHAKE for her axe to fall with baited breath.


immediately he was taken to the thrown and amidst all fanfair he was crowned

He immediately ran to claim the hand of his cheese cake tht was at stake ,aka
MISS MESMERIZING EYES,which was granted to him.For 15 days,he was allowed to flirt with her on IT.After that she can kick him for all the indecent and cheesy behaviour.

Before wasting a single moment he asked for her yahoo id.which was politely declined.(good move girl)

Then he smooched the queen for the sake of PAPPARAZI.
THE MOMENT WAS FROZEN IN THE HISTORY OF IT.but the smooch jolted the walls of IT, and all the fans of MISS MESMERIZING EYESstarted pouring in 2 yaar dost international room screaming abt the cruelty of fate and destiny.
with great difficulty the organizers managed to prevail some peace there.
and for 14 days MR PRANAV KUMAR AND MISS MESMERIZING EYES will be hounded by papparazii.all their moves and conversations will be recorded for the entertainment of all ITZENS:))

AND all girls r requested 2 shower MR PRANAV KUMAR with all the attention.let him bask in his 12 minutes of fame errr 14 days of fame i mean

~~~~ THE END~~~

So here was the telecast by MISS SEBIA. the papparazii,chief reporter...

AND for all of u who missed the contest and wanna take part in it pls send ur resumes as soon as possible to miss Sebia(shh bribes are allowed).cuz after 10 days they will hold another contest any time any where surprise and excitement is the name of the game.

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