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Girls girls girls..uff yeh ladkiyaan:)

Post is for all of u male specie out there, nuthing special, just feel like being sweet to all of u out there 2 help u understand the specie called woman...shrouded in mystic haze...

Here are some meanings and laws which u should consult whenever u can’t understand the twisted double meaning stuff uttered by mysterious TWISTER called woman...

Heres sm help fr u of luck:)..

1, U enter in a room, with so many girls...and there r giggles giggles and sm more giggles...U check ur head if u have grown any horns…no u haven’t...RELAX...u have been discovered.

2,U,have become the centre of the attention in the party,girls girls girls around u,but 1 special girl,chilling u all the way to Alaska,and u are feeling so frost bitten…CONTRATULATIONS..U have been noticed.

3, The girl whom u were trying 2 impress all this while, will never return the attention.

4, The girl whom u were avoiding ever since, will always popup at the oddest of situations and places...

5,the crush of ur life will always accompanied by her bro,papa,,and doggy Tommy..

6, The best-looking girl will always be unavailable with the worst looking boi..

7, Asking about the well-being of your girlfriend’s best friend, is as if putting Ur fingers in the electric socket get ready for sm electrifying salsa..

8, Your mom or Ur girlfriend….U ARE SCREWED MAN…
9, Monster in law (mother in law) coming over…book ur room in near lunatic asylum...u will shortly b visiting...wutever u will do wont fall on her H.S.P(her standards of perfection).

10, She claims. I HAVE GOT HEADACHE…damn..wht did u do?smthing u ,ur mom,any of ur family member,ur friend..anything figuring U is the reason..

Ok guess enough for 2day...otherwise everybody will curse me for writing larger thn life posts


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