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TWISTING IDENTITIES,,.(what if i wasnt born as SEBIA)

That day in order 2 amuse myself,i was punctuating my thoughts ,with some silly stuff...i-e. .
What if i was born as :-------
Enjoy some mindless ,nonsense yappings by me:))

1,What if i was born as KADOO(GOURD)?
Ans...Then i would have flirted with BHINDI shamelessly ,and aunty FOOL GOBHI would have committed suicide out of sheer jealousy:)...

2,What if i was a mango?
Ans...Then mom would have plucked me....and ...grrrr..zrrrrr... squeezed a MANGO MILK SHAKE out of me...

3,What if i was a MICROWAVE OVEN?
ANS..Would have never allowed SEBIA to warm those sinful,bursting with calories good fr nuthing CINNABONS...

4,What if i was a MIRROR on SEBIAS WALL?
Ans...Would have shattered long ago...after listening 2 the same q 100 times every day

5,What if i was a cupid?
Ans...Would have made GEORGE BUSH and BIN laden fall for each other long ago
...(A GAY union to spread some gay RE UNION.

6.What if i was GEORGE BUSH?
Ans..Would have gone 2 PLANET OF THE APES...for the lost kinship...

7,What if i was a LICE?
Ans..Would have played havoc in Saddam hussains, good for nuthing brains.....

8,What if i was SEBIAS mother??
ans..Would have stop beleiving that MALE SPECIE gonna extinct from mother earth...and stop pesturing her to marry the first thing called MALE coming her way..

9,What if i ws a FERRARI :?
ans...Would have chucked SCHUMMI out for his bad performance...and romanced ALONSOO...:)))

10,What if i was a chat administrator:?
ANS..Would have never allowed anybody 2 chat w/t commenting on my blog:))

11.,What if i was HOCUS POCUS?
Would have lost all my focus..
(after seeing IT beauties).

12,What if i was an ITCHA DHAARI NAAGEN(Snake who can change face after 100 yrs)?
Ans...Would have acted in all PIERCE BROSNON movies...and danced NAAGEN NAAGEN ...THERE:))..

10,What if i was a tear?
Would have rolled down ,taking all the misery along..kissing the melancholy off from every bodys life.

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