Eternal Bliss




An exotic fragrance,
Blowing in the air ,
Radiating the darkened vistas,
With the sweetness so rare ..

Like a ray of light ,
You came from heavens above ,
Illuminating my existence ,
Casting a special glow everywhere ....

Some leaf ruffling ,
Or some snowflake shuffling ,
I feel u around ,
Like a gentle breeze ,
As serene as a prayer....

You came to me,
In the painful summer ..
As sunshine coming out
of the autumn tree
You my friend…
Touched my soul
Erased all my pains
With the healing touch so rare ....

You loved me…
Through my painful year...
You held me
When my eyes
Were shedding tears
You were always there
Wiping all my agonies
And my fears…

I see ME in YOU...
I see YOU in ME...
A reflection so exuberant
Like a radiant mirror...

You carved for me
A peaceful isle...
In the gloom
So dark and bare…

Here is the wish
For you from me...
May u always
Like a diamond
Shimmer free
And may I always be there
For you
Like a crystal tear
Not Shed by thee…

Today is Tanvi s birthday...
She is mah BRATZ: 0

. best soul sistah...All neatly packaged in one parcel…people say. In virtuality, every thing is unreal, emotions, expressions...even people...but somehow or the other I cant believe it...and maybe its my luck I usually run in to best kinda people here...people who are not fake. People who are genuine and giving, and loving. And she surpasses all... Usually I have got a firm grasp on my pen and I can weave words and emotions any time any where. At the blink of an eye. But today. Though I want to say so much to her...but...I just cant churn anything...I can’t even express my gratitude to her. For being there always for me. I can’t tell her how much warmth she radiated towards me. I can’t even pen down the emotion that how she always held me. In my most vulnerable of times... W e don’t share the bond of blood...but we do share the bond of love and the world of shallow mirages and VIRTUALITY...she is the only real oasis.

On her birthday .I just wish her...all the best. All the happiness all the contentment she ever craved for in life...

(Ok enough of emotional melodrama. I will get serious indigestion...if I keep on praising her :)

I met this girl...1 and a half year INDIATIMES CHAT...VIKAS introduced me 2 her(his only good deed in the history of mankind:)..Ok he has done some other ones as well (rolls her tht :))...she was continuously yapping...and I was in a bad mood...just thought how much a person can yap (now I can beat her any time. with my ability 2 do so...all her X effect i guess:0..So we started talking. I didn’t know she was only 15 at that time. She was asking for candies and chocs from RAGS. Another sweet friend of ours. And I thought she not only yaps...but she is autistic as well: 0... (I am really paving a vista to my crucification...with all these words i guess :)

From there we started. And we never looked back...I adopted her as my BRATZ.......they say. Best relationships are those where you can just enjoy the companionship. Even in silence...and yes we can do it ...all the times:0/...sometimes for even 3-4 hours we can simply sit here. And just the feeling that the next person is on the other side we are satisfied...

Usually 1 of us is in depressive mood... (Yeah we can’t help it. I guess we love the word DEPRESSION. It usually gives us a HIGH :)

I call her PAINDOO...motiii...mermaid...blah blah and sm more stupid blah...and she calls me different names ranging from GULAAB JAMUN...RASGULLA...AMMA..FREAKOO and am definitely more blahs
She is such a possessive soul...never lets me talk 2 anybdody...and me being a social adopting all the sweet girls like CHEESY AND WINTAH..As my soul sistahs and BRATZ...and it freaks her out... (So I have to do it ...while hiding from total confidence with cheesy and wintah: D)...

OK u all are invited for my FUNERAL...which will take place as soon s she will wakeup from her short nap and reads this... :)

On serious note I just wanna tell you tanvi..No matter what I say or do. I am so glad that we are friends. And I consider myself so lucky. That the ARMAGEDDON like u landed at my doorsteps :) May GOD always keep you under the palm of his hand. And may u always laugh and smile... (I really love the sound of your voice and laughter... :)
And all of you visiting this blog...i request all to pls wish her on her BIRTHDAY...and make it a special day for wishing her all kinda happiness..
I am opening comments for all...pls anonymouses...dont spoil her happiness by writing any sick stuff...thanx

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