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Like all girls i have a secret corner for mills and boon romances ,that one day i will meet the prince charming and then the earth will move ,and the stars will dance ,in an orchestrated melody, tht is not just an hackneyed line but the basic truth of every females existance.
Though,finding the prince charming is much more difficult then finding the weapons of mass destruction in IRAQ ,and tht cause is much more worthy and difficult then that of GEORGE BUSH.

this post is all fun pun,by no means anything written here should b used against me,in any court of law..just sm bizzare ramblingsJ..

sm time back ,blessed with teenage madness, me and my cousin, who is usually the accomplice in my every crime ,decided ,to find the hunks fr ourselves .wht followed was the most hilarious series of events ,which can put bridget jones diary to shameful heap.

AND then like a true blessing a book landed on our lap from the skies above called



that book look liked sm holy book at tht point and time, an answer for our all unsaid prayers.So v opened the book with all the devotion v could muster

,lit the fire ,throw rosemarry ,jasmine,and poppy seedalong with the mans lock of hair then say the prayers...


1 look at this rediculous stuff and i chickened out
an exasperated serene moaned .

yes i can ---what a suspecious looking stuff ==i grumbled ..
and then she made the most innocent face with the famous lookU LOVE ME NA and heck i couldnt resist the emotional blackmailingso armed with that book we started the HOLY WAR.
Now the most difficult thing, wht the heck ,from where can v get jasmine,poppy seeds and rosemary herb this is just not possible .

sebia u r trying to unconsciously discourage us?
?no serene im consciously trying 2 discourage us.
anyways v ended up putting oregano-sm fenugreek seeds and garlic powder sat in the lawn, wearing moms best KANJIWERM SAREESand then v started mumbling the mantras...

oh holy fire:
help us find the prince of our dreams
-guide him directly 2 land on our patio directly from the skies above
like (sm alien UFO).with all the devotion we could muster we were chanting those ASHLOKES .
ahem ahem--excuseme(sm noises--sm thing ruffled there)
Can u hear smthing?
...(an excited serene nudged me)..

NO i didnt im bz devoting my soul to HOLY CAUSE.
OPEN ur eyes seb i think destiny have answered our prayers :::
Iopened my eyes slowly---
yes there were 2 things standing in the patio---
i tried to focus more---
OH MY GOD they looked like guys --
and they were 2 in number (i culdnt beleive our luck---- so i tried 2 focus more and then realized tht there WERE not swords in there hands.....
the KNIGHTS....
were holding infact ....
they were holdingBROOMS ............................
.can u beleive it....
excuseme madam !::v r here to clean the water tanks and gutters by muncipal committee..........
thud thud dhum ----------------------------
all the dream castle crashed .

Few days passed and then serene came back holding the CURSED BOOK .
NOTagain plsssss have mercy on my soul--i moaned
SEB i have got a fool proof plan this time it cant go bad ....
nooonoonoopls .....plspls
after this rhetoric as usual i said ok princess do as u wish let us fry our brains in ur HOLY FIRE.
NO SEB this time its v simple v just need to put the oil mixed with all the potions on our headsand then put the special flowers and sing ..................
we tried to find JASMINE OIL but couldnt so decided to put SARSON(man it ws stinky)couldnt find all the exotic flowers so put sm roses and stuff(though she was insisting in wearing us sm ICEBURG LETTUCE cuz the name ws v exotic matching the flowers described there .and then v chanted again.
Fr the sake of all this
from wht v r going through
when v open our eyes we find the love so true
standing right there in our patio.
chant chant v were chanting with all the expression .
tring tring ............whts this ?
i think the bell is ringingSEB pls open THE DOOR i think our prayers r answered .........
GRRR serene isnt it toooooo soon ..............IM nt in a condition 2 meet the GUNGU TAILII even can i meet the prince charming?.........
SEB do tht pls ..................
anyways i went to open the doorlooking like SUNFLOWER gumla(Pot )with dripping sunflower oil and there on the door was my worst nightmare ..................
MOST GOOD LOOKING HUNK i have ever cm across was standing ..It ws v amusing for me tht i was starring in 2 nightmares at 1 time MINE AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!HIS ..........both of us needed shock treatmentME ---fr finding the most good looking person ever incarnated and delivered right infront of my door steps.HIM ---for seeing such a creature---directly popped down frm amazon--looking like over grown FLOWER GARDEN.Nuthing could b worse to creep in 2 prick the bubble of my exciting drama
AHEM ahem !!!!!!!!!!!!
i gt out of my trance and to my dismay i lost my speaking powersi tried to spk nuthing came out except fr sm muffled voices
EXCUSEME --(the most husky voice)(i ever heard) !!!!!!!!!!!
GRR r brrr aan (sm un identified sounds came out of my throat). ......totally bugged by mehe lost his cool...
CAN I SEE ANY SANE PERSON AROUND?!!!!!!!!popped serene frm behind--and THANKGOD she ws still blessed with her vocal powers and SANITY as well
WELL nobdy at home if u want to see bhai he will cm back laters----said serene in most honeyed voice!!!!!!!!!!!AND HE ranaway SHAKING HIS HEAD .........v found 1 hunk after all the toll and he just left like tht......................

Moth turned in 2 a smoke,before candle had the chance to appreciate the devotion:p

Sorry folks ws 2 bz now a days so couldn’t cm up with smthing had 2 dig in 2 the last cm up with smthing related to VALENTINES DAY(THT WS THE BEST I COULD MENAGE)SO POSTING IT again with lil deletions and additionsJ
The madness

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